Senator John Fetterman caused a sensation on Capitol Hill when he raised a tiny Israeli flag in front of a group of demonstrators who supported Hamas, drawing jeers and insults.

Following the event, Fetterman came from the Russell Senate Office Building with a Star of David flag draped over his head. Protesters claimed he was harming Pennsylvania and endorsing the “genocide” of Palestinians.

The 54-year-old senator, who had a stroke last year, made light of hecklers by joking that his inability to comprehend language was a result of his post-stroke condition. The protesters voiced their displeasure with Fetterman’s actions by chanting for a cease-fire.

Following Hamas’ terror attack on October 7, Pennsylvania Democrat Fetterman has been a strong advocate for Israel, denouncing the organization’s actions and pushing for the execution of Hamas terrorists. In his office, he had posters of Israelis abducted, and he had meetings with families of the hostages and survivors.

The organization that uploaded video of the altercation, About Face: Veterans Against the War, claims that the event resulted in the arrest of multiple protestors by US Capitol Police. The event has not yet been addressed by Fetterman’s office.

Fetterman, a political independent who supported President Joe Biden in 2020, has previously stated her desire to enter politics. Political parties contacted him in 2021 after a poll showed a sizable amount of support for his possible presidential campaign. Fetterman stated that he would consider running again if the people so desired, even in light of the recent incident.