Following an apparent gunshot on Wednesday morning inside her home, 32-year-old Tiffanie Lucas of Kentucky is charged with two counts of murder in this tragic and mysterious incident involving her two young kids, ages six and nine. The town is in shock over the horrific incident, and investigators are struggling to deal with the terrible fallout.

Chief deputy Col. Alex Payne of the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office voiced his shock, surmising that Lucas could have become aggressive because of anything he called “pure evil,” a mental health issue, drug misuse, or a mix of these. “Select your poison,” he said, highlighting the incident’s terrible conclusion.

Just last month, Lucas—who presented herself as a devoted mother on Facebook—organized Star Wars costumes for her two boys and herself for Halloween. Lucas’s online persona did not exhibit any violent tendencies, and her criminal record did not support the possibility that she was capable of committing such a crime.

A neighbor noticed something strange and reported the horrific scene to the authorities. When the neighbor broke into Lucas’s house in Shepherdsville, an exurb of Louisville, she discovered the two boys, who were both shot and covered in blood. Not far away, on a bed, sat a rifle.

The young siblings were taken to a children’s hospital in Louisville, but they were not able to be rescued. Lucas was detained at 200 Salt Well Court, which is home to Bullitt County Emergency Medical Services, according to the arrest complaint, indicating that she might have gone to the hospital with her sons.

The victims were half-brothers, though the authorities have not released their identities. Payne said that the father of one of the sons had already died, and that the other boy’s father was being sought out. In the interim, family members have been informed of the sad event.

Speaking with WLKY, neighbors revealed their surprise and bewilderment. Amanda Mangis, one of the neighbors, recalled seeing the two youngsters waiting for the school bus. “It makes me feel sick,” she murmured.

Talia Crutcher, who claimed to be Lucas’s friend, expressed her shock and rage at the double homicide on Facebook. She emphasized that this was not the Lucas she knew, conjecturing that he must have been “hearing voices” or experiencing a mental breakdown. The amazement and anguish were reflected in other social media comments.

Lucas is being held at the Bullitt County Jail with a $2 million bond at this time. The inquiry into the cause and circumstances of the unfortunate tragedy is ongoing while the community struggles with the devastating loss of two young lives.