Following the commencement of an impeachment investigation into President Joe Biden, House Republicans have taken a significant step by subpoenaing five of the President’s current and former advisers. The Judiciary and Oversight committees issued the subpoenas as part of their continuing investigation into Biden’s alleged mishandling of secret materials and his family’s international business ventures.

The primary emphasis of the impeachment investigation is on Biden’s involvement in his brother James’s and son Hunter’s business dealings in nations like China and Ukraine while he was vice president. The latest subpoenas, however, suggest that Republicans are thinking about adding Biden’s handling of official documents to the list of grounds for impeachment.

The subpoenas were issued on Monday by GOP House Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan, who also said that the committees are looking into whether there are enough reasons to prepare articles of impeachment against the President. According to information allegedly received by the Oversight Committee, Biden’s assistants started going through secret records at his private post-vice presidency office almost two years prior to the alleged discovery of the classified documents last year.

The committees are particularly curious as to whether Biden “took actions to hide or cover up his possession of classified materials,” “abused his office by using Executive Branch employees to mitigate political repercussions,” as well as “knowingly maintained improper possession of classified materials related to countries from which his family received millions of dollars.”

At least ten classified documents, some of which were designated as “top secret,” were discovered earlier this year in Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center. According to reports, some of these documents dealt with Iran, the UK, and the Ukraine. Another area of concern is Hunter Biden’s relationship with the Ukrainian gas business Burisma while his father was vice president.

On the same day that the subpoenas were issued, November 2022, the National Archives made available 73 pages of emails. Robert Hur, special counsel, is looking into Biden’s alleged mismanagement of records, and the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s office is still looking into Hunter’s business transactions and claims that Joe may have been involved.

Comer said, “Facts continue to emerge showing that the White House’s narrative of President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents doesn’t add up,” demonstrating the determination of House Republicans to find the truth behind the accusations. The Oversight Committee is eager to speak with key players, such as former White House attorney Dana Remus, in order to deepen their probe into President Biden’s handling of sensitive materials and to weigh any potential ramifications for national security.