Following an order to put out their cigarettes, two guys at the Bronx’s Freeman Street subway station were shown on camera viciously attacking an NYPD officer. Kaream McClary, 23, and Izayiah Jessamy, 20, have been identified as the attackers. They are currently being charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest, and trespassing.

When two uniformed NYPD policemen asked McClary, Jessamy, and a third man to stop smoking inside the station, an incident started. When the three refused to cooperate, they exacerbated the conflict, which resulted in a violent altercation with the officers. One of the officers is repeatedly struck in the head, neck, and face by the attackers in a video of the incident that was shared on social media.

The officer can be seen shielding his head during the altercation. The video eventually shows the cop subduing one of the criminals and taking him into custody despite the strong struggle. Police are still looking for the third man who was engaged in the incident.

Despite receiving treatment on the spot, both officers’ minor injuries from the incident were attended to. To identify and track down the third attacker, the NYPD is actively asking the public for information. For confidential reporting, anybody with information is encouraged to visit the Crime Stoppers website or call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

The event brings to light the difficulties faced by law enforcement in upholding the rule of law and preserving public safety within the metro system. Talks on this unsettling incident are centered on the necessity for public cooperation and worries about the safety of the cops as the investigations go on.