Two well-known individuals connected to The Daily Wire, Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro, are involved in a public and growing conflict that mostly revolves around their contrasting views on Israel. When Shapiro used X social media to urge Owens to quit The Daily Wire if she believed that taking payment from the publication went against her moral principles, the split grew even worse. Despite being a co-founder and co-owner of The Daily Wire, Shapiro made it clear that he does not have the right to fire Owens because hiring and firing decisions are made by Caleb Robinson, the CEO.

Shapiro suggested that Owens quit from The Daily Wire in response to her piece in which she quoted a biblical verse, which intensified their argument. Shapiro was, in turn, charged by Owens for several weeks with acting in a “unprofessional” and “emotionally unhinged” manner.

This conversation follows a video on X in which Shapiro attacked Owens for her position on Israel, calling her actions “disgraceful” and casting doubt on her knowledge of the subject.

Owens, who is well-known for her critical opinions of Israel and the American government’s backing of military actions in Gaza, stressed the value of keeping professional differences amongst coworkers intact.

Owens declined to criticize Shapiro ad hominem in an interview with Tucker Carlson on X, but she did voice her displeasure with his handling of the matter and that she hoped for polite and reasonable disputes among coworkers.

The ongoing dispute reveals deeper differences over viewpoints on Israel inside the right-leaning news organization The Daily Wire. While Shapiro has taken issue with Owens’ critiques and emphasized their divergent opinions, Owens has condemned any sort of genocide in reaction to the Israeli military’s response to the Hamas attack on October 7.

The argument highlights the difficulties media organizations encounter in reconciling differing viewpoints among their staff members regarding delicate geopolitical matters. Regarding the ongoing disagreement between its two well-known characters, The Daily Wire has not yet responded.