Unexpectedly, “The Rock,” Dwayne Johnson, is publicly separating from President Biden and admitting to having changed his political views on Joe Rogan’s highly-listened podcast.

Johnson and Rogan discussed the contemporary practice of individuals selecting acquaintances depending on their political views during their podcast conversation. The actor stressed that he does not discriminate and has friends who have a variety of political views, including those who support President Biden and others who support former President Trump, despite the current political atmosphere.

Johnson clarified that he meant friends who were devoted to the Democratic party when Rogan questioned him about having friends that actually support Biden. This differentiation implies a deviation from directly associating oneself with President Biden’s leadership.

Dwayne Johnson has been participating in political conversations more and more. He revealed on Trevor Noah’s Spotify podcast last year that he had approaches from several political parties about being president. According to a 2021 poll, 46% of Americans said they would support him if he decided to run for office.

Johnson said he was hesitant to go into politics even with the alluring numbers because he didn’t like some parts of the political system. He made it clear that he wanted to spend more time with his kids at this stage of his life.

Johnson does not completely rule out a political career, but he recently showed a more political side when visiting Washington, D.C. He held discussions with Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Jon Tester, Chuck Schumer, and senators on both sides of the political spectrum.

Fans and political analysts are intrigued about Dwayne Johnson’s future in the dynamic field of American politics due to his changing political stance, which adds an exciting dimension to his public character.