Elon Musk finds himself facing fresh accusations of antisemitism as he endorses an antisemitic post on his social media platform X. The controversial post claims that Jewish communities promote “hatred against whites,” perpetuating harmful stereotypes. Musk responded to the post, stating, “You have said the actual truth,” on the platform formerly known as Twitter, eliciting immediate outrage from users who labeled the response as outright antisemitism.

The billionaire entrepreneur, who has previously come under fire from Jewish civil rights groups for allowing hate speech on his platform, weighed in on the antisemitic trope suggesting that Jews aim to bring undocumented minority populations into Western countries to diminish white majorities. The user @breakingbaht shared this perspective, claiming that “Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of dialectical hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.”

Musk’s endorsement of this content drew swift condemnation from users, with one stating, “Wow. This is antisemitism, straight up,” and another questioning Musk, “Dude. What are you talking about? What Jewish people are pushing hate towards whites?”

Attempting to backtrack a few hours later, Musk posted that he does not believe hatred of white people extends “to all Jewish communities.” However, he reignited controversy by renewing his battle with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Musk accused the ADL of unjustly attacking the majority while defending the Jewish people and Israel, claiming it needs to stop.

The ongoing clash with the ADL has been a recurring theme for Musk, who purchased the social media platform X for $44 billion last year. He blames the ADL’s campaign to moderate hate speech for a 60% drop in advertising sales on X and has threatened to sue the group for falsely accusing him of antisemitism.

In the wake of the recent Hamas attack on Israel, Musk also found himself embroiled in controversy for promoting accounts accused of spreading misinformation about the incident. This adds another layer to the tensions surrounding Musk’s role in managing hate speech and misinformation on his social media platform.

As the controversy unfolds, Musk continues to navigate a complex landscape of accusations, criticisms, and legal threats, leaving the future of his social media platform and his own public image uncertain.