In a shocking turn of events, a Los Angeles homeowner who used a firearm to fend off apparent would-be robbers at his home has had his concealed carry permit revoked just days after the incident. Vince Ricci, a married father of one, successfully defended his family and home in a residential neighborhood shoot-out, only to face the suspension of his Second Amendment rights by California authorities.

The Shoot-Out Incident: The harrowing incident occurred on November 4 when Ricci, returning home after a gym session, faced two armed intruders attempting to force their way into his gated Los Angeles house. In an attempt to protect his wife, 5-month-old daughter, and the family’s nanny, Ricci engaged in a gunfight on his front door.

Concealed Carry Permit Revoked: However, just days after the shoot-out, Ricci received a call from the sheriff’s office informing him that his concealed carry permit was revoked. According to Ricci, the revocation was attributed to his alleged behavior during the LAPD’s investigation, where he claimed the police carried out “sloppy police” work.

California’s Strict Firearm Laws: Obtaining a concealed carry permit in California has historically been challenging, and it took months for Ricci’s permit to process. However, California law allows legal U.S. residents over the age of 18 to carry firearms on private property and residences without a permit or license, which Ricci emphasized in the aftermath of the incident.

Ricci’s Self-Defense Argument: In a video shared exclusively with Fox News Digital, Ricci stated that the shooting was a clear case of self-defense, emphasizing that he was confronted by two men pointing guns at his chest as he tried to enter his home. He criticized the LAPD’s investigation and accused them of neglecting crucial evidence, such as casings scattered near his home.

NRA’s Support and Response: The National Rifle Association (NRA) expressed support for Ricci, calling the revocation of his concealed carry permit “reprehensible.” The NRA spokesperson, Billy McLaughlin, stated that Ricci’s actions to protect his family embody the core principles that NRA members fight for and criticized California’s pro-criminal policies.

Community Impact: The incident has sparked discussions about the challenges faced by law-abiding armed residents in Los Angeles. The owner of Beverly Hills Guns, Russell Stuart, highlighted the increase in Angelenos applying for concealed carry permits, citing concerns for personal safety in the face of rising crime.