In a contentious move, sixteen pro-Palestinian protesters found themselves in police custody on Friday after forcibly entering News Corp’s Manhattan headquarters, which houses The New York Post newsroom. The demonstration, marked by chants of “Free Palestine,” occurred just days after News Corp was singled out on a controversial map urging “direct action” in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The Protest:

Affiliated with The People’s Forum, a New York City-based movement incubator, the protesters orchestrated a disruptive demonstration as part of a global day of action called ‘Shut It Down for Palestine!’ The group occupied the lobby, chanting slogans such as “occupation no more” and “Israel is a terrorist state.” Some participants held signs criticizing Fox News’ coverage of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Arrests and Possible Charges:

Law enforcement officials confirmed that 16 individuals were arrested during the protest, though the specific charges remained unclear. The demonstrators were met with restraint and removal by both the NYPD and News Corp security.

Connection to Controversial Map:

The protest followed the release of a map, later deleted, which targeted News Corp and other New York establishments for “direct action” in response to the Israel-Hamas war. The map was posted by Within Our Lifetime, a Palestinian-led community organization.

Antisemitic Implications:

The phrase “freeing Palestine from the river to the sea,” used in the call to action, has drawn criticism for its antisemitic undertones, implying the eradication of the Jewish state of Israel. The slogan is also associated with the terror group Hamas.

Response from Authorities:

City Hall expressed condemnation for the map, emphasizing that hate has no place in the city. Mayor Eric Adams underscored the city’s commitment to monitoring potential threats and deploying resources to ensure public safety.

Additional Protests:

In addition to the incident at News Corp headquarters, protesters targeted BNY Mellon in Tribeca, accusing the financial institution of investing in companies allegedly linked to genocide.