4 thoughts on “The Chris Cuomo/Don Lemon Feud is heating up

  1. Cuomo is right. He wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for CNN. Where else can a so-ca!!ed reporter repeatedly lie and break so many journalistic standards, meanwhile sexually harassing women even as he defended his brother for the same reason ( not that his support lent any credence to his innocence). But Lemon needs to defend CNN by throwing Cuomo under the bus (of truth and justice) because where else could an equally despicable and abhorrent so-called reporter would be able to find a job. It’s really a case of self-defense.

  2. It serves CNN right, Chris my namesake, fight on we are 100% behind you They sent you away with animosity, but your God was watching them with disdain.
    Chris Azoama.

  3. These BOY’S Deserve everything that was handed to them. And that means thing they are2 THUGS that need to be in PRISON . Lol ! little BOY’S !

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