DeSantis is championing Big Tech censorship

In the ever-expanding landscape of Big Tech censorship, a new tool has emerged on Twitter known as "community notes." This feature, championed by Team Ron DeSantis, is being used as a means to suppress and counter narratives, particularly those of former President Donald Trump. As technocrat Elon Musk assumes control of Twitter, the platform's censorship... Continue Reading →

Radical Climate Protests Funded by Hillary Clinton’s Nonprofit with $300,000 Contribution

A nonprofit organization established by Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic presidential candidate, has come under scrutiny for funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fund that finances radical climate groups engaged in disruptive protests worldwide. Onward Together, founded by Clinton in 2017 as part of the resistance against former President Donald Trump, directed a... Continue Reading →

Mark Zuckerberg Choked Our During Contest

Mark Zuckerberg's recent participation in a jiu-jitsu tournament has garnered attention, not only for his success in winning gold and silver medals but also for an unexpected incident that occurred during one of his matches. According to a report, Zuckerberg was choked to the point of passing out by an opponent. The incident was recounted... Continue Reading →

Fox Dumps Primetime Anchor in Sudden Shake-Up

Another one bites the dust: Fox Business is canceling Lisa Kennedy Montgomery's weekday show, Kennedy, which airs at 7 p.m. ET. Instead, the network will air reruns of the Larry Kudlow show, Kudlow. Kennedy's final program will air on Thursday, June 1, and Kudlow will start streaming in the 7 p.m. time slot from Monday through Thursday, starting on June 5. However,... Continue Reading →

Will the FBI Director get Held in Contempt?

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has taken a decisive stance against FBI Director Christopher Wray, threatening to charge him with contempt of Congress for his alleged failure to cooperate with the investigation into President Biden's family. McCarthy's announcement came during an appearance on Fox & Friends, where he discussed the debt ceiling negotiations with President Biden.... Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter Risks Going Bankrupt

Financial disclosures indicate that the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF) is at risk of going bankrupt after reporting an $8.5 million deficit for the previous year. The foundation's investment accounts also experienced a significant decline of nearly $10 million, as revealed in its most recent tax return. The organization, which was founded by... Continue Reading →

Lauren Boebert 911 Call is Heartbreaking (VIDEO)

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican congresswoman representing Colorado, has faced recent scrutiny as reports emerged about a distressing phone call made by one of her sons last year. The call, which was obtained by Business Insider, involved allegations of a verbal argument and potential physical altercation between Boebert's son and his soon-to-be-divorced father, Jayson Boebert.... Continue Reading →

Biden Mocks DeSantis for ‘Disastrous Campaign Launch’

President Joe Biden took a jab at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Wednesday after the governor's presidential campaign launch was overshadowed by technical difficulties. The Republican governor has been long expected to run in the 2024 GOP primaries and planned to formally enter the race during a conversation on Twitter Spaces Wednesday evening. The live-streamed event,... Continue Reading →

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