Joe Scarborough And Mika Leaving MSNBC?

There is no reason to be upset if you’re a fan of the duo, since they might soon have a new home.

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are in secret talks to save CNN, Radar has learned.

Sources tell thatCNN’s new boss Chris Licht, the man who made Joe and Mika morning TV stars on MSNBC, wants to bring the couple over to his new network.

Licht joined MSNBC as an executive producer in 2005. He developed a close relationship with Scarborough and the two created Morning Joe.

The EP stayed with MSNBC until 2011 when CBS hired him as vice president of programming. The following year, he was responsible for launching the network’s morning show, CBS This Morning.

“When CBS hired Chris, he wanted to hire Joe and Mika to head up his morning show instead of Gayle King. Joe and Mika were into it, but they couldn’t get out of their deal with NBC. Now Chris is pulling the same trick again as he starts his new job at CNN hoping this time, he will be able to pull it off,” sources tell “It is unlikely MSNBC will let them out of their contract, but Chris is a patient man.”

TV insiders add that they are not shocked by the move, noting that it is only natural for a new boss to want to build their own team.

In February, Licht was appointed CNN President after Jeff Zucker resigned after admitting he failed to disclose an office romance to the network.

Weeks later, during a conference, Licht announced his plans to revamp the network which included his plan to shake up its morning programming.

“We will reimagine our morning show leveraging our correspondents and unmatched resources in the U.S. and around the world to provide news that viewers need to know as they start their day,” he said.

“Chris’ first priority will be fixing CNN’s morning and primetime programming,” sources added. “That is where the big advertiser money is. Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and the morning hosts should be concerned.”

As previously reported, Licht has quite a bit to deal including Brian Stelter’s ratings currently in a free fall.

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  1. That’s the perfect spot for them. Now they can really let go and make up all kinds of fake news. Not that they weren’t.

    1. We The People hope their leaving MSNBC for another Country So they can tell their FAKE NEWS and LIES to Someone Else. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 ! Lol ! U BUTT CLOWN’S.

      1. that is really a disgusting comment…even if you think it, it doesn’t have to be stated…

  2. They know their ship is sinking and also because of all their lies against Trump since he came into the political arena. They can run but they cannot hide because now the American voters know how MSNBC was Trumps main fake news station that was spreading all the lies about Trump. The Democratic party is the Main enemy in America for destroying everything that Trump accomplished for the good of the American people and our Country. Only our enemies would do to us what this Crooked Administration has done in order to weaking us to the point where our enemies could possibly destroy our government and take away our FREEDOM. It’s hard to trust anyone anymore since the Democratic party has everybody in their corrupt pockets. And for this they all deserve life in prison including all the fake news commentator that has been spreading all the lies to the American people for years. When you spread lies, you also cost lives you evil Basterds.

  3. This bumbling illegitimate President has caused so much destruction that it is going to take a real President with the people’s support to get it back and regain our Republic. I hope by the time all this is over that there is a man, or woman, that has become President and has the country’s true needs as his platform, in order to satisfy the people’s true needs, while restoring their faith in our government.

  4. Does anybody actually respect this Joe???? A likeable, amiable young Republican seemed to have a moral compass. Then he got divorced once and remarried. Then he isn’t a congressman any longer he had his own TV program. But then he goes on with Mika – she is married, he is married, she is liberal, he is the more conservative, reasonable voice. Then she gets divorced, next year – voila – Joe gets divorced and they suddenly “fall in love”! First she gets him to a hair stylist and then out of the sweater and into the suit and tie – a whole new Joe and shortly a very liberal Joe!!! So gown, mature congressman had no idea where he stood politically nor how to dress and comb his hair until Mika got him straightened out. I cannot stand to listen or watch such a wuss!!!

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