Between the constant media attention and sitting across the table from Barack Obama, dating a former president’s daughter must be difficult.

New year, new beau. Malia Obama‘s mystery man has been revealed as 32-year-old music producer Dawit Eklund, Radar has learned.

The former First Daughter and Harvard graduate, 24, has been spotted with Eklund on a few occasions now.

Malia and Eklund were seen grabbing fast food together on July 26, again on a casual stroll in SoCal on August 2, and one more time looking loved up as they visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art today.

Photos published by Daily Mail showed the duo looking cozy and wrapping their arms around each other.

Eklund’s father is a retired State Department officer while his mother hails from Ethiopia.

According to the outlet, Malia’s new love interest is a registered Democrat, which may bode well for the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama.

Plus, he is co-founder of D.C.-based record label 1432 R, which he raved about during a previous interview with the Washington Post.

“Ethiopian music is super distinct,” Eklund said. “There are only four or five musical scales that they play in; each has its own meaning and attitude and mood.”

Malia has been enjoying life in Los Angeles since last year. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Sasha, also now resides in the city.

The 24-year-old landed a job as screenwriter on Donald Glover‘s upcoming Amazon show, which has kept her busy when she’s not spending time with her new beau.

It appears her romance with Rory Farquharson has fizzled out years after the pair were first photographed kissing in 2017.

Farquharson appeared to be given the seal of approval from the Obama family prior to them parting ways, having quarantined with them in 2020 when he was unable to return home to England.

“Like, I think, a lot of families, we went through that first month where we were playing games every night and doing little arts and crafts projects and then slowly they started to get a little bored with us,” Obama said on The Bill Simmons Podcast. “[We were] teaching Malia and Sasha, and Malia’s boyfriend who was with us for a while, spades.”

Malia appears to be quite happy with Eklund these days, laughing and smiling throughout their latest date.