People always have strange reasons for why they lost a job, but this one takes quite an ego.

It’s been weeks since CNN’s Brian Stelter was axed from the network, but his exit has remained in the headlines with the cable channel’s employees fearful about the promised “changes” their boss Chris Licht has to come. Despite ignoring warning signs and this website’s reports that his firing was inevitable, Radar has learned that Stelter is playing the victim card with his ex-staffers.

The former Reliable Sources host believes he was CNN’s “sacrificial lamb” as the network gears up to switch directions in an attempt to save their failing channel by appealing to both sides of the political party.

Stelter was outspoken against Donald Trump and Fox News — the opposite of what CNN is looking for in anchors right now as the network works overtime to disassociate from liberal bias.

After months of reporting on Stelter’s embarrassingly low ratings, Licht decided to pull the plug on CNN’s longest-running show, and the host never saw it coming despite being warned.

The fired anchor was somehow “taken off guard” by Licht’s decision. Stelter’s intuition should have kicked in when he failed to lock down a meeting in the first few weeks after Licht took over.

The new boss was regularly meeting with other on-air talent, but didn’t prioritize a sit-down with Stelter, according to Puck News.

Even after a source allegedly tried to give Stelter a heads-up that his job was in jeopardy, the anchor wouldn’t listen. Instead, he “chewed out” the insider, claiming that he was invincible because he was part of the “fabric of CNN.”

But, as revealed long ago, Licht had Stelter on his watch list after he failed to deliver anything more than subpar ratings.

Licht promised the shakeup at CNN will continue, telling his editorial team that “more changes” were on the way after canceling Stelter and Reliable Sources.

“There will be moves you may not agree with or understand,” he allegedly told his staffers in August. “I want to acknowledge to everyone that this is a time of change. I know that it is unsettling.” can report that Licht has been eyeing Jake Tapper to lead his morning dream team and has enlisted the help of late-night host Stephen Colbert to save the scandal-plagued news network.