Just when we thought love had won out, Good Morning America has shut down their romantic anchors.

Good Morning America hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have been taken off air following DailyMail.com’s bombshell report revealing their affair

Sources tell DailyMail.com that the lovers have been removed from GMA3 ‘indefinitely’. 

Instead, ABC National Correspondent Stephanie Ramos and Transportation Correspondent Gio Benitez will host GMA3 today while ABC works out how to handle the PR nightmare, sources claim. 

‘There is massive confusion internally,’ a source said. ‘ABC News executive Kim [Godwin] has taken them off the air while they deal with this internally.’

The co-stars appeared to be taking the scandal in stride as they continued to anchor the news last week without responding to the report, which included photos of the couple on a romantic getaway, holding hands in the back of a car and sharing a laugh at a bar. 

But on Friday the pair finally acknowledged the drama surrounding their clandestine affair by awkwardly laughing off the scandal as they opened the show. 

Holmes and Robach had remained tight-lipped since DailyMail.com revealed the two have been secretly dating despite being married.

It is not known when or how Holmes’s wife 44-year-old attorney, Marilee Fiebig, and Robach’s husband, former Melrose Place actor Shue, 55, learned of the romance, but both couples went their separate ways in August this year, according to sources. 

Holmes, 45, welcomed viewers to the lunchtime program Friday with a tongue-in-cheek remark alluding to the controversy, joking that it has been a ‘great week’ for the news anchor. 

‘You know, it’s too bad it’s Friday. It’s been a great week,’ he said sarcastically, drawing giggles from Robach, who responded with: ‘Is it?’

‘I just want this one to keep going and going and going,’ he replied. ‘Just enjoy it. Take it all in.’

Robach shot back: ‘Speak for yourself. I’m excited about the weekend. And I’m sure everyone else is too.’

‘We all love our Fridays around here. Some of us do, at least,’ she added as they both laughed nervously. 

In another subtle quip later in the show, both Robach and Holmes broke out in giggles again during a health and wellness segment about stress relief with fellow co-host Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

As Ashton listed the benefits of art therapy, one of which is helping lower stress, Robach replied snickering: ‘We should get an art desk.’ 

Holmes, laughing, then chimed in saying: ‘We are taking art classes this weekend, Dr. Ashton.’