Biden Donor Offered President’s Convict Niece $85K Job

In a shocking revelation, it has come to light that one of President Joe Biden’s top donors, allegedly extended a hand of generosity in the form of a job offer to the troubled Caroline Biden, the 35-year-old daughter of the President’s brother Jim Biden and his wife Sara. But this offer of employment, which came with a cozy salary of $85,000, was met with disdain by Caroline who reportedly deemed the job as being “below minimum wage” according to

This revelation raises serious questions about the nature of political donations and the influence they may hold. Was this job offer an attempt to buy the President’s favor, or was it a genuine attempt to help a member of the Biden family in need? Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Caroline’s rejection of the offer has now put a spotlight on the actions of the President’s top donor and the Orange County-based medical device company Masimo, where the job was offered.

The incident also raises questions about Caroline’s state of mind and her financial situation, as someone who is able to turn down such a high paying job, that many would consider a dream job, with such ease. It’s a troubling development for the President who has been trying to maintain a sense of normalcy during his tenure. This revelation may cast a shadow on the President’s reputation and that of his family.

The American people deserve to know the truth about the influence of political donations and the actions of the President’s top donors. They deserve to know if their President is being swayed by the interests of the wealthy, rather than working for the good of the people. This incident has opened up a can of worms and it remains to be seen how it will all play out.

The offer came shortly after Caroline, who was 31 at the time, pleaded guilty to amassing more than $100,000 in charges on a stolen credit card.

After being sentenced to two years of probation for the crime, Caroline insisted she wanted to serve her probation in California – at which point Masimo CEO Joe Kiani offered Caroline the $85,000 salary job so the probation department would allow to her to move to Los Angeles.

According to the New York Post, Kiani donated upwards of $3 million to Biden’s presidential campaign, super PAC, and inaugural committee in 2020.

But rather than take the generous job offer, Caroline instead complained she couldn’t accept the “below minimum wage” job and she could make more money “working one art deal.”

Biden’s brother Jim then turned to Hunter Biden to convince Caroline to take the job with Masimo.

“Hunter,” Jim texted President Biden’s son on July 25, according to emails and messages found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop. “Caroline was made an offer and she told Sara, not me, she couldn’t possibly take it 85k 10% bonus full benefits, 3 week paid vacation, [1] week sick leave and 450 shares of stock!”

Jim also reportedly forwarded Hunter an email from Caroline in which the then 31-year-old complained further about the cushy job offer at Masimo.

“I cannot take a job full time and relocate for 85,000,” she wrote. “That’s below minimum wage in California after taxes. I’m 31. I made more money every other year.”

According to another series of messages allegedly found on Hunter’s laptop, Caroline never received the initial job offer. She was instead given an “intern job” at Masimo because President Biden asked Kiani to “give [Caroline] something.”

“Didn’t get the job,” Caroline told Hunter on July 28. “But was given an intern job at 31 years old because of your dad asking him to give me something even though I bombed it.”

“I can get a job for 85K working one art deal,” she added. “I’m not a fit for the f—— company.”

Caroline also texted Hunter saying President Biden “told [her] he was done with [her] yesterday.”

Months later, in 2019, Caroline’s legal troubles continued when she crashed her car into a tree in Pennsylvania while high on prescription drugs.

She pleaded guilty to the DUI charge in 2020 and was given more than five months of probation plus 20 days in rehab.

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