Putin Plans to Arm North Korea For Assault

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a surprising vow to arm North Korea with Russia’s “latest weapons” to counterbalance South Korea’s consideration of sending weapons to Ukraine.

Putin’s ally, Dmitry Medvedev, lashed out at South Korea following the news and indicated Russia would not hesitate to help North Korea if South Korea decided to aid Ukraine. However, intelligence sources have scoffed at the idea, deeming it an empty promise due to Russia’s lack of proper weaponry.

Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, Oleksiy Danilov, indicated last month that Moscow has grown so desperate for military hardware that they were forced to start deploying Soviet-era weapons.

He also noted that Russia’s “corrupt economy” is unable to sustain the production of new weapons even for its own military. Therefore, garnering foreign aid is “a matter of primary importance” for Putin and not the other way around.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Putin’s army is allegedly growing so desperate for adequate weapons that the Russian forces have started constructing “Frankenstein tanks” made of spare parts from destroyed vehicles to use against Ukraine.

Elsewhere, Putin’s troops have reportedly been launching assaults against Ukraine armed with nothing but “firearms and shovels” due to their lack of proper weapons.

The situation raises concerns about the consequences of a possible arms race between North Korea and South Korea. North Korea’s nuclear ambitions and provocative behavior have long been a source of concern for the international community.

Arming North Korea with Russia’s latest weapons could potentially destabilize the already tense situation on the Korean peninsula and further escalate regional tensions.

Furthermore, Putin’s willingness to arm North Korea raises questions about Russia’s foreign policy goals and motives.

Putin has been accused of supporting authoritarian regimes and destabilizing democratic countries to further Russia’s interests. Arming North Korea could be seen as another attempt by Russia to undermine regional stability and promote its own agenda.

Putin’s vow to arm North Korea with Russia’s latest weapons in response to South Korea’s consideration of sending weapons to Ukraine is a cause for concern.

Russia’s lack of proper weaponry and desperation for foreign aid raises questions about Putin’s foreign policy goals and motives. Arming North Korea could potentially destabilize the region and further escalate tensions.

The international community should closely monitor the situation and take appropriate measures to prevent further escalation.

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