Woke Professor Attacks Post Reporter With Machete

The recent termination of Professor Shellyne Rodríguez by Hunter College has brought attention to the issue of biased treatment of activist academics. Despite engaging in disruptive and aggressive behavior towards students in the past, Rodríguez had previously faced no consequences from the college. However, her most recent incident involving a machete and threatening a reporter’s life proved to be the breaking point for the institution. This case raises concerns about the inconsistency in addressing misconduct and highlights the need for fair treatment and accountability in academia.

A History of Disruptive Behavior:

Shellyne Rodríguez’s actions at Hunter College have repeatedly pushed the boundaries of acceptable conduct. In a previous incident, she confronted students who were running a pro-life table, berating them and claiming their materials were “violent” and triggering for her students. Despite her disruptive behavior and destruction of the table, the college took no action against her at that time.

The Machete Incident:

The recent incident involving Rodríguez escalated to a dangerous level when she wielded a machete and threatened a reporter from the New York Post who was at her apartment to discuss the earlier incident. She brandished the weapon and threatened the reporter, pursuing him and his photographer as they tried to leave. Rodríguez’s aggressive behavior continued on the street, where she kicked the reporter and issued threats. Finally, Hunter College decided to terminate her employment.

Inconsistency in Addressing Misconduct:

The termination of Rodríguez raises questions about the college’s standards for acceptable conduct. While her previous actions, including the trashing of a pro-life table, did not result in termination, her violent behavior with a machete proved to be the tipping point. This inconsistency in addressing misconduct brings to light the double standards that exist within academia, particularly when it comes to conservative or pro-life viewpoints. If the situation had involved a pro-choice or Black Lives Matter display, the response may have been different, with immediate consequences for the professor.

Support and Accountability:

Rodríguez’s behavior was initially defended by some students and colleagues who claimed she was justified in trashing the pro-life display, labeling it as false propaganda. This defense showcases the double standard prevalent in many academic environments, where certain ideologies are protected while others are marginalized or attacked. It is crucial to establish a fair and consistent standard of accountability that applies to all faculty members regardless of their political or ideological affiliations.

The Need for Balanced Academic Environments:

Academic institutions should be spaces that encourage open dialogue, intellectual diversity, and respect for differing viewpoints. Unfortunately, incidents like Rodríguez’s actions disrupt this ideal and create an atmosphere of hostility and intolerance. Universities must strive for intellectual balance and foster an environment where students can engage in respectful discussions and explore diverse perspectives without fear of intimidation or violence.

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  1. The evil religic so-called ‘pro-lifers’ DO need to just STFU about abortion…
    Religions are evil foreign psychotic mass murderous mental illness…
    And the WOKERS need to ditch their Communism…

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