The Orlando Magic, a well-known NBA team, recently made a move on the political playing field that left observers and analysts baffled in a narrative twist that could rival even the most unexpected sports comebacks. The Magic made a startling $50,000 payment to a super PAC backing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ presidential ambitions, breaking with tradition in a big way. A record scratch and a chorus of gasps are in order.

What’s the big deal, you might be thinking? It turns out that sports teams don’t frequently donate to political campaigns. It’s as unusual to see one at a basketball game. This kind of political reversal by a professional sports team is roughly as regular as a four-point shot, according to experts in campaign finance.

“I cannot recall another example of a professional sports team donating as a corporation to a super PAC closely associated with a candidate,” said campaign finance expert Michael Malbin. It’s comparable to witnessing Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster engage in a one-on-one match, a sight that makes you question whether reality has taken a break.

The Orlando Magic entered these uncharted political seas, but why? It appears that the DeVos family, the team’s owners, has a long history in Republican politics. Republican candidates like DeSantis have received individual assistance from the DeVos family, whose fortune is linked to multi-level marketing behemoth Amway. It’s similar to learning that your favorite athlete doubles as a political commentator in that it’s unexpected and strangely intriguing.

According to a family spokeswoman, the Magic’s foray into political finance does not essentially equate to an endorsement of DeSantis’ presidential aspirations. “At this time, no member of the DeVos family has endorsed or provided financial support to any 2024 Presidential candidate,” the spokesperson, Nick Wasmiller, emphasized. They are still unsure. We’re certainly fascinated.

Joel Glass, a spokesman for the Orlando Magic, also into the debate, saying that the donation was made to assist Ron DeSantis in his capacity as governor of Florida. This strangely timed action was taken before DeSantis formally entered the race for president, but it was obvious that he may eventually enter the national political scene.

Without a dash of controversy, the narrative wouldn’t be complete, right? Critics are yelling foul and pointing to a value imbalance. DeSantis’ record on LGBTQ issues has drawn criticism, despite the Magic enthusiastically hosting Pride Nights, supporting LGBTQ organizations, and even supporting a fund for the victims of the horrible 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting. Like supporting a project to protect gazelles while having a lion as your team mascot.

The press representative for the LGBTQ civil rights organization Equality Florida, Brandon Wolf, expressed his dissatisfaction in no uncertain terms. He called the Orlando Magic’s decision to publicly support his brand of right-wing extremism “extremely disappointing.” It’s comparable to learning that your preferred halftime entertainer also works as an opera singer.

The Orlando Magic might be playing in a match they weren’t exactly expecting. They may have to switch from their prized slam dunks to political slam poetry as a result of their donation. The possible threats to the Magic’s brand were also mentioned by managing director of communications Eric Herman: “given the highly politicized, highly charged world that we live in.” It’s like shooting hoops built of public opinion with a basketball.

The Orlando Magic’s $50,000 donation has sparked a conflagration of interest, uncertainty, and criticism in the world of politics, where everyone appears to have an opinion and tensions are high. The nexus of sports and politics just got a lot more interesting as Governor DeSantis navigates his bid for the presidency and the Magic keep thrilling fans on the court. Who thought a basketball team’s slam dunk could serve as both an athletic maneuver and a political statement?