Reportedly, a designer labradoodle was brought to a grooming salon within hours of its owner, Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience, being discovered dead in his house, in a startling and tragic development. The devastating incident unfolded in Bury, Greater Manchester, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

The sequence of events commenced when law enforcement officials attended to complaints of a break-in at Donald Patience’s domicile. The 45-year-old father of three tragically died inside his home, which had evident traces of forced entry. While the cause of his death is still under investigation, his family and the community are left in search of explanations.

In connection with the case, one man, Ian Gary Connell, 39, has been charged with murder. Two other men, ages 27 and 41, have been freed on bail pending additional investigation, and he is scheduled to appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court.

The fact that Donald Patience’s white designer labradoodle is currently in the custody of the appropriate authorities, per police reports, just serves to compound the tragedy. Residents disclosed that, immediately after the purported murder, the dog was allegedly discovered and brought to a grooming salon within 160 feet from its residence.

Salutations have been pouring in for Donald ‘Prentice’ Patience from his family members as the probe winds down. Kirsty, his ex-wife, called him a “amazing father” who loved his kids. She shared the family’s sorrow and gratitude for the support they’ve gotten during this trying time on social media in a tribute.

A post-mortem investigation conducted by the Home Office was sparked by the circumstances surrounding Donald Patience’s death, and it found that the death was suspicious. The major incident unit of Greater Manchester Police is currently looking into the matter and is requesting any information from the public on the occurrence. In particular, they are looking for footage, eyewitness statements, and knowledge of nearby activities.

The Major occurrence Team of the GMP’s Detective Chief Inspector Rachel Smith stressed the targeted nature of the attack and urged members of the public to come forward with any information that could provide light on the horrific occurrence. Following this unimaginable tragedy, a community is in sorrow and seeking justice and closure for the loss of Donald “Prentice” Patience.