President Joe Biden’s rescue pup Commander is in the doghouse once again after the German Shepherd bit yet another Secret Service member.

The incident marked the 11th time Commander has acted out against a member of the Democrat’s security detail.

While behavioral and trust issues were not uncommon among rescue animals, most dogs don’t call the White House home. Unfortunately for the 2-year-old pup, this was not the first time his bite matching his bark made headlines.

A Secret Service member reportedly came in “contact” with the embattled Commander on Monday night, reported CNN.

“Yesterday around 8 p.m., a Secret Service Uniformed Division police officer came in contact with a First Family pet and was bitten. The officer was treated by medical personnel on complex,” USSS chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi told the outlet in a statement.

Guglielmi noted that the injured agent was doing okay and spoke with Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle on Tuesday.

The bite marked the 11th incident involving Commander and a Secret Service member, which spanned from the White House and Biden’s Delaware home.

In a November 2022 incident, a Secret Service agent was hospitalized after Commander reportedly bit the member on their arm and thigh.

Back in July, the White House addressed concern for the dog’s behavior and announced that the Bidens were beginning new training and enacting leashing protocols for the former shelter dog.

Commander’s incidents followed similar concerning behavior from the other family pet, Major.

Major, also a German Shepherd, was forced to move out of the White House following biting incidents with security detail. Major was initially fostered by the Bidens before they officially adopted him from the Delaware Humane Association’s shelter in 2018. He remains part of the brood.

The Bidens announced in December 2021 that they extended their furry family with the adoption of Commander. Though the Secret Service is not responsible for the care or handling of either dog, the agents naturally came in contact with the president’s pets.

Based on communications regarding both dogs’ behavior, it appeared Commander had similar issues as Major when it came to trusting Secret Service agents.

According to email correspondences from July obtained by CNN through the Freedom of Information Request Act (FOIA), White House staff even raised concern. An incident from October included First Lady Jill Biden, who “couldn’t regain control” of Commander as the dog charged a Secret Service agent.

“I believe it’s only a matter of time before an agent/officer is attacked or bit,” a staffer wrote in one email.