Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was put under pressure during a heated one-on-one interview on Fox News when host Sean Hannity questioned him about his declining polling ratings against former President Donald Trump. The Monday conversation brought to light DeSantis’s challenges in addressing his low approval rating among voters according to recent polls.

Survey Results Present a Difficult Picture:

Hannity addressed the issue head-on right away, citing a University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab survey that showed Trump receiving 60% of Florida voters’ favor compared to DeSantis’ 21%. Furthermore, according to a CBS News survey, Republicans favor Trump 61% of the time, while DeSantis trails behind with 18%. With 9% of the vote, former governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley has been gaining ground.

Conflict Regarding Inconsistencies in Polling:

Hannity addressed DeSantis directly over the polling discrepancies, stating, “Let me look at the polls and let me ask you the question.” He probed DeSantis about how he accounted Trump’s steady increase in poll numbers in the face of legal troubles, delving into the seeming contradiction of his lead despite them.

DeSantis Answers and Sees the Bright Side:

DeSantis struggled to offer a conclusive response while remaining upbeat about his chances of defeating Trump. He proposed that Americans had really shown compassion for Trump because of his recent legal troubles, such the Alvin Bragg case involving purported payments of hush money. According to DeSantis, the public believed that these situations were driven by politics rather than by nonpolitical factors.

Sustaining Hope Despite Attacks:

DeSantis maintained hope despite the discouraging polling results and Trump’s constant attacks, noting that many people had not yet made up their minds. He highlighted the part of the electorate that is still unsure and hinted that when more people make up their minds, the dynamics may change.

Continued Criticism from Trump:

Trump, the former president, has not held back when criticizing DeSantis, especially on social media. Trump criticized DeSantis using his Truth Social platform, casting doubt on the support of celebrities like Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. The outgoing president attacked DeSantis’ positions on subjects including ethanol, Social Security, and Medicare, calling him “like a wounded bird falling from the sky.”