If you wanted to explain to someone what the culture in New York City is like, this video would do better than a million words.

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A shocking video shows the moments a woman riding a New York City subway pleads with passengers to help her as she is assaulted by a thug as other riders appear to ignore her pleas.

In the video, taken on Wednesday and posted on Daily Dot, the hoodlum is seen dressed in black leggings,  a white cropped zippered hoodie and white sneakers,  storms around the train car while screaming expletives.

After the frenzied fit the person sits down as many of the passengers rush  to another area of the train. As one female passenger, closest to the hoodlum, tries to flee, the thug grabs her and terrorizes the victim.

The victim is visibly distraught and crying out: ‘Help! Help!’ as other riders ignore her pleas, as the disturbing scene plays out.

Moments later,  the vandal screams to the woman, ‘Get Up!’ before shoving her to another area of the subway car, before walking away.

The hooligan proceeds to scream obscenities and trashes around the subway car before kicking in the window of the moving train.

When the subway pulled into the station platform, the terror-filled ride ceased and the hooligan walked into the crowd of people nowhere to be seen.

It is not clear what time the incident occurred and what train line it was.

When DailyMail.com contacted the New York Police Department on Friday for more information on the attack, they said they were ‘looking into it,’ but had no reports of incident filed at this time. 

New Yorkers have been frazzled by the latest spite in violence and crimes on the city streets and subways.

On Sunday, Daniel Enriquez, a 48-year-old Goldman Sachs employee was riding the Q train from his home in Park Slope, Brooklyn to Manhattan when a gunman, believed to be Andrew Abdullah, opened fire as the train was crossing the Manhattan Bridge in an unprovoked attack.

In April, during the morning commute, suspect Frank James opened fire on a Manhattan-bound N train. No one was killed. James was charged with carrying out a terror attack against a mass transit system and discharging a firearm during a crime of violence, reports said. 

 While murders and shootings are down 11 and three percent from the already crime-riddled 2021 under lame duck Mayor Bill de Blasio, overall crime in the Big Apple is up 40 percent so far in 2022.

That includes a 19 percent rise in felony assaults, a 12 percent increase in rapes and a 42 percent jump in robberies.

Transit is up the highest at 62 percent as well – and the the recent rise in subway crime has set New Yorkers on edge.