Woman with Pistol Stops Shooter with AR-15 at Party

A woman carrying a pistol shot and killed a man with an AR-15-style firearm that opened fire on a party, Charleston police said. 

Police responded to the shooting at about 10:45 p.m. local time on Wednesday night in Charleston, Lt. Tony Hazelett of the Charleston Police Department said.

They identified a victim, 37-year-old Dennis Butler, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds near the Vista View Apartments on Renaissance Circle.

“Upon further investigation, we quickly learned that the victim kind of turned into like a gunman,” Hazelett said in a press conference aired by WCHS-TV

Hazelett said Butler had been at the apartment complex earlier in the day, where he was approached “about speeding while there was a birthday party and graduation party going on” nearby at the park across the street.

“He got mad and then left the complex. Shortly after, he drove back and pulled up in front of the 1300 Renaissance. He got in the back seat and pulled an AR-style rifle and started firing into the crowd,” Hazelett said, noting that there were approximately 30-40 people at the party. 

“A female bystander who was lawfully carrying her firearm pulled her firearm and shot him and killed him,” Hazelett said, adding that there will be no charges being filed against her and no other injuries reported in the incident. 

He also noted that the bystander was not a member of law enforcement. 

“She’s just a member of the community who was carrying her firearm lawfully and instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night,” Hazelett said. 

Police have found no other motive for the shooting in their investigation, Hazelett said. He added that Butler “did have an extensive criminal history,” WCHS-TV reported. 

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  1. I wonder if there will be any comments on this from the anti gun crowd. Doubt it, no support for their position.

  2. The lady pulling the trigger didn’t shoot him the gun did… Now we know that there are some good guns around……

  3. Dementia in the DC group will find something wrong here, even though it turned out right: another criminal shooter sent to hell!

  4. The pro gun guy Jerry Leonard actually wants people to praise the availability of guns. “ look a person with a gun took care of guy who was able to obtain a gun designed for mass killings of humans and actually used it for that purpose, therefore that shows it is good to have lax laws on gun ownership and use, because if we didn’t then this incident would not have happened “

    1. Ignorance, you actually think a law will prevent the law breakers from having guns? There are laws against drunk drivers, laws against speeding, laws for illegal drugs. Have those laws stopped anything? I think it best to find out what the hell is going on with these people and tackle that issue. This kind of crap didn’t happen 20 years ago!!!!. And there were practically no gun control.

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