This is the last thing you want to see while vacationing.

Ahh, beachside vacations. Sunshine, refreshing drinks, swimming with loved ones…sounds relaxing, right? 

Well–these tourists got a shock of a lifetime when their day at the beach turned into anything but! Just a few feet off the shore, a huge saltwater crocodile decided to go for a dip.

Still, a few brave bystanders got some fantastic footage, and @adventureul‘s most recent viral video was born. It’s no wonder why so many viewers are fascinated and nervous–that croc is so close to a beach full of people! 

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We can’t be the only ones wondering why everyone is standing there filming and not giving the reptile some space! At least one commenter, @knowbodiesgoingtoknow,  noticed this insanity too. They wrote, “Do they not realize how quick they are out the water too?” Apparently, they do not.

“Saltwater crocs are the highest documented species for preying on humans,” @badboy6911 commented. “[They] can move 30km hr in the water in bursts. that one gotta be almost 4m long.” Believe it or not, he’s right! The Worldwide Crocodilian Attack Database supports his fact about human-croc conflict, and many sources confirm these reptiles’ startling speed

We applaud @badboy6911 for his wildlife knowledge, especially when the poster of this video incorrectly identified this creature as an alligator. Viewers were quick to correct the claim, but the point of the video remains the same. 

“People arguing “crocodile” no “alligator”, who cares!?, ITS A DINOSAUR WITH BIG TEETH….run 🏃🏽‍♂️,” wrote @lewis_ciffer. Right?! With the speed these animals have, you’d be smart to start backing away ASAP. We do like @dmckee7’s strategy, though: “put your crocs on it will leave you alone.” LOL!

As scary as they may be, close encounters like this do make one think about the impact humans have on wildlife. @Gailwatkins0 was thinking the same thing when they commented, “Not tourist beach. His home!” and we couldn’t agree more. Technically, it was the people who got close to the croc, and not the other way around. Still, we’re glad everybody kept their space!