Donald Trump’s No-Makeup Appearance has Everyone Shocked

Donald Trump made a rare appearance sans makeup at the LIV Golf tournament and people could not stop looking at his face.

On Thursday, Trump, 75, teed off at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey to play in the Saudi-back tournament alongside notable celebrities including his son Eric Trump, professional golfer Dustin Johnson, Caitlyn Jenner and more.

Wearing a white polo, black pants, and a MAGA hat, many noted the former president’s face look surprisingly more natural than usual as he took practice swings.

Gone from the former president’s face was the notorious orange glow and light under-eyes. Instead, his facial skin matched his neck and wrinkles were more prominent.

“Trump without his makeup looks like a totally different person. Take away the MAGA hat and I wouldn’t have recognized him.” Anthony wrote on Twitter.

“My man lookin like he drank from the wrong grail”, Matt tweeted.

Trump’s makeup routine has been subject to mockery over the years. Many have speculated what types and brands of products Trump’s team uses to cover up blemishes and make him appear younger.

Now having a seeming bare face, people continued to mock the former president on Twitter.

Dude looks like when Vader took off the mask — Zack Bornstein (@Zack Bornstein) 1659034058

While I do not condone it, I do understand why he does the spray-on tan. — Dream Animal (@Dream Animal) 1659032211

Looking so good. Healthy, fresh, tight, vibrant, full of life. Brimming with brilliant insight. Jesus. — George Hahn (@George Hahn) 1659029400

The LIV Golf tournament taking place in Bedminster is a 54-hole tournament with the winner taking home $4 million. The tournament beings July 29 with 12 teams and 48 golfers playing.

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  1. He’s a human being like all of us. And take a good look at the pic. Is it really President Trump? I don’t think so

  2. Thankfully President Trump isn’t on Twitter to read what all the mockingbirds are talking about now. Leave the man alone, go find someone else to pick on, you’ve all become tiresome, If he were to say anything about you, you’d all be sputtering mad. Go pick on joe b.

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