An LAPD standoff started after shoppers at the Hollywood Farmers Market called in an active shooter threat.

Multiple people told the police that a someone started shooting from a window of a building, Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told ABC7.

However, police have not confirmed that this was a shooting as of yet.

The incident happened around 8am on Sunday in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The police said they came to the scene and saw a person throwing rocks from a balcony.

A standoff then started around 9.20am between an unidentified suspect and police.

Earlier, around 9am, a police helicopter was spotted as well.

No injuries have been reported so far.

A Twitter user said that he went to the Sunday morning farmers market, but was turned away.

He pulled into the parking structure when he was met by a security guard.

The guard told him to turn his car around.

When the shopper asked why, the guard said, “active shooter situation.”

The shopper ended the tweet by saying:

“Friends: stay away this morning.”

“But also: #ThisIsAmerica”

The Sun has reached out to the LAPD to confirm the nature of the incident, but has not received a response by the time of publication.

The farmers market has been closed for further investigation.