Cops in New Jersey put out an urgent appeal for help after a bloodied woman was seen screaming for help inside a truck.

Surveillance footage shows the tractor-trailer pull up next to a Toyota garage parking lot by Ridge Road, South Brunswick, around 2pm Wednesday.

The woman then shouted to passersby for immediate assistance, police said.

A man is then seen running toward the vehicle, but it swiftly drives away before he can help.

The eyewitness, whose car was parked elsewhere, called 911 and said the man was older and white, with a white beard. 

The woman is white or Hispanic and in her 20s, with long black hair, he added.

She was wearing a brown flannel shirt.

The truck turned off Route 130 at the Ridge Road exit just outside Dayton.

South Brunswick PD posted the grainy video on Twitter, with the clip swiftly gaining hundreds of likes, retweets, and well-wishing messages for the woman.

It captioned the post: ‘ALERT – NEED PUBLIC HELP.’

Detective Sergeant Timothy Hooper told News12: ‘The witness started to advance toward the vehicle and as he did, the woman got yanked back up into the car and the vehicle sped off going 130 southbound.

‘[Truck is] likely between a 2006 to 2018 Volvo or Mac Bobtail truck. At the time it wasn’t carrying a trailer with it.’

Cops added they are treating the situation as a ‘domestic dispute’ and have already received tips from the public.