Strange Man Arrested for Selling Human Body Parts on Facebook

When first seeing the picture of the culprit involved in body parts sales, everything makes sense.

A man was arrested after it was discovered he’d been selling human body parts on Facebook, according to police.

When police received complaints about possible human body parts being sold from a home in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, they immediately launched an investigation.

This led to them searching the home of Jeremy Pauley in July, and what they found there is like a scene from a horror film.

There they found he had a wide collection of human remains including three full skeletons, around 15-20 human skulls and buckets containing 15 gallons of organs.

In court documents from the investigation, it is believed Pauley had bought the body parts off Facebook from a woman in Arkansas.

For $4,000 he was allegedly able to buy from her:

  • One half head
  • A whole head minus the skill cap
  • Three brains with a skull cap
  • A heart
  • A liver
  • A lung
  • Two kidneys
  • A full female pelvis
  • A piece of skin with a nipple
  • Four hands

When Arkansas FBI got involved, they found out that these remains had been allegedly stolen from a mortuary.

According to police, Pauley admitted he bought two orders of the body parts from Scott, telling authorities he was a collector of ‘oddities’ and that he’d purchased them through legal means.

However, the remains were then allegedly being sold on by Pauley for monetary gain. These shipments are currently being intercepted by the FBI.

Pauley was arrested and charged with the abuse of a corpse, receiving stolen property and dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities.

Cumberland County District Attorney Seán McCormack said: “This is one of the most bizarre investigations I have encountered in my thirty-three years as a prosecutor. Just when I think I have seen it all, a case like this comes around.”

Reacting to the news, many people have started to question Facebook’s security measures.

“I’ve been in Facebook jail for a meme but somehow this dude was SELLING BODY PARTS!?,” said one.

Another wrote: “Facebook monitors everything and puts you in Facebook jail but they don’t know someone is selling human body parts?”

Pauley is scheduled to appear in court on 14 September.

Facebook has not yet responded to our inquiries.

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