In what seems like a plot taken out of a movie, the LAPD has become enveloped in a scandal like no other.

LAPD officer Houston Tipping who died during police training was targeted because he was investigating fellow cops for an alleged gang rape, his lawyer has claimed.

The 32-year-old suffered a fatal spinal cord injury after he fell down while holding another officer in a ‘bear hug’ grappling exercise on May 26 at the Police Academy in what a coroner ruled was an accident.

But Brad Gage, the attorney for Tipping’s mother Shirley Huffman, has made the bombshell claims that the officer was a whistleblower in an assault case that involved four other officers 10 months before his death.

Tipping wrote a report on the alleged assault and one of the cops said to be involved was present when he died, Gage said.

The department said at the time that Tipping, a five year veteran of the LAPD who also served as a bike instructor in the City of Angels, was injured while ‘grappling’ with another officer and referred to his death as a ‘horrible accident.’  

But in her lawsuit, Huffman alleges he was ‘repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled’ during the training activity.

An autopsy found Tipping suffered broken ribs that suggested the use of a LUCAS device, an automatic CPR machine, suggesting there were attempts to revive him.

Bu Gage said: ‘The problem with that is other medical reports show the LUCAS device was never used.’

He has also raised questions as to why no security footage was available.

He said: ‘LAPD claims there was no video taken of the training this day. We don’t believe that’s accurate.’

Gage says he has found a report of the alleged rape which he has chosen not to share, and claims there has been a cover-up at the LAPD, who claims there was no incident report at all.

Gage said in a press conference yesterday: ‘In July 2021, four police officers were involved in the sexual assault of a woman in the Los Angeles area.

‘A report was taken by Officer Tipping and I have seen that report, that reported the case that there was a sexual attack and it indicates that an object was placed into the sexual organ of the female victim

‘The female victim claims that she was raped by four different people, all LAPD officers.

‘She knew the names of some of those officers because they were in uniform and they had their name tags on. 

‘The name of one of those officers, the name tag seems to correlate with one of the officers that was at the training.’

He added: ‘I think the officers were very brazen and thought they were above the law but no one is above the law.’

‘I’m sure these actions are being covered up. The thought of a code of silence or a cover-up by a police department should not be shocking or surprising to anyone.’

LAPD officials claim officers immediately began CPR after the fall, contacted Los Angeles Fire Department crews and Tipping was transported to the USC Medical Center where he succumbed to his injuries three days later.

During his funeral LAPD Chief Michel Moore knelt before Tipping’s parents and presented them with an American flag.

The chief called Tipping impressive to his peers and said he had a ‘willingness to go the extra mile to make the world a better place.’

Tipping patrolled around the Devonshire neighborhood and ‘loved serving as a police officer,’ according to the Los Angeles Police Protective League, which said he will be remembered ‘for how he loved and made people laugh.’

He was also an organ donor and his ‘selflessness’ was used to help ‘save other lives.’

Tipping is survived by his parents, Richard and Shirley; his stepfather Bob; siblings Kat and Tyler; and his girlfriend, Britney.