Elon Musk Blames “Woke” College for Turning Daughter Against Him

While Elon seems to blame college for his daughter refusing to speak with him, the billionaire has no shortage of controversies under his belt.

Elon Musk recently blamed America’s colleges for turning his transgender daughter, Vivian, against him, RadarOnline.com can confirm.

The surprising accusations were made by the 51-year-old Tesla CEO in a bombshell long-form interview recently published by the Financial Times.

According to Musk, the country’s “woke” colleges and universities are not only “neo-Marxist” but are also directly to blame for fueling the estrangement between him and his 18-year-old trans daughter.

“It’s full-on communism,” Musk claimed, “and a general sentiment that if you’re rich, you’re evil.”

“It may change, but I have very good relationships with all the others,” the SpaceX founder continued regarding his different relationships with his nine children. “Can’t win them all.”

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Musk’s new interview came just days after Vivian was spotted for the first time since dropping her billionaire father’s infamous surname.

Vivian, who was born Xavier Alexander Musk, filed a petition to legally change her name in April. That petition was ultimately signed off on by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge in June.

The judge also granted Vivian’s legal request to change her gender from male to female.

“The Petitioner’s name is changed from Xavier Alexander Musk to Vivian Jenna Wilson,” the judge wrote in June, according to court documents obtained exclusively by RadarOnline.com. “The gender of the Petitioner is changed from male to female.”

When first filing her petition in April, Vivian cited “Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape, or form” as the reasoning for her request.

Although Musk has expressed his support for trans individuals in the past, he also criticized their use of different pronouns.

“I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare,” he wrote in one of his many controversial tweets. “Pronouns suck.”

During his new interview with the Financial Times, Musk also spoke at length about his penchant for Twitter and his habit of “playing the fool” on the popular social media platform that he is reportedly set to officially take over in the coming months.

“Aren’t you entertained? I play the fool on Twitter and often shoot myself in the foot and cause myself all sorts of trouble,” he told the outlet.

“I don’t know, I find it vaguely therapeutic to express myself on Twitter,” Musk continued. “It’s a way to get messages out to the public.”

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  1. Unfortunally, when you are rich and powerful your words and actions affect thousand of people and even countries and Musk may be brilliant at times and a sociable inept moron a lot more often.
    Doing what you want, when you want is not always possible , even for the most powerful. So Musk better get used to be criticized for his most deplorable actions. It is not WOKE (fancy new boogaboo word for right wingers), it is life

  2. Don’t blame colleges… blame Democrats!
    Back in 1860’s, Gen. Sherman said we should rekick the criminal woke Democrats’ asses again every 100 years… obviously they’re about 60 years overdue for another one!
    The Democrats hitherto unknown 28th and 29th Amendments to U.S. Constitution:
    + XXVIII Amendment +
    Democrats/Blacks Shall Be Allowed
    To Commit Any Crime/Murder
    Without Police Interference
    + XXIX Amendment +
    Democrats/Blacks Shall Get Anything
    They Want Without Working
    For it / Contributing to Society

    1. General Sherman may have said “Democrats”, but he meant “Southerners”. The Democratic party was ruled by racist, pro-segregationist southerners back then. And I agree with him.

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