Regardless of your political opinions, no politician should face this terrifying and dangerous scenario once – never the less 6 times.

Greene first reported that her home had been swatted in August, which police in Rome, Georgia, confirmed. That incident occurred in the early morning hours.

“The caller wants to have their victim murdered by police,” she wrote. “But it is also a giant abuse of police resources and time, which is another reason it is a serious crime.”

Rome police directed inquiries on the matter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has not returned a request for comment. Floyd County police have not responded to a request for comment, either.

“God bless my local police,” Greene stated.

The second swatting incident targeting Greene came just a day after the first. Police said they were falsely told there had been a shooting at her home.

The Anti-Defamation League defines swatting as “the deliberate and malicious act of reporting a false crime or emergency to evoke an aggressive response (often a SWAT team) from a law enforcement agency to a target’s residence or place of work to harass and intimidate them.”

Greene, one of the most controversial members of Congress, said after her first swatting incident, she was certain whoever called police to her home intended for officers to shoot her.

“100%” the 48-year-old congresswoman told a conservative media outlet. “Death by cop.”