Optics is vitally important for the royal family, and this decision was definitely made with that in mind.

Prince Harry and Prince Andrew are set to be sidelined by King Charles III in favor of Princess Anne and Prince Edward, RadarOnline.com has learned.

The surprising move would reportedly be Charles’ first constitutional reform as King, and would avoid the possibility of the Duke of Sussex and York from standing in for King Charles should he be away on business elsewhere.

According to Daily Mail, a new proposal expected to be brought before Parliament in the coming weeks would see a “wider pool of royal substitutes” – including Princess Anne and Prince Edward – able to conduct “constitutional duties” on the King’s behalf when he is out of the country.

Even more surprising are reports that these proposals have been considered for months and were approved by the late Queen Elizabeth before her passing in September.

“Are the Government happy to continue with a situation where the counsels of state and regency powers may be exercised by the Duke of York or the Duke of Sussex, one of whom has left public life and the other of whom has left the country?” Viscount Stansgate, the Labour hereditary peer within the House of Lords asked earlier this week.

He continued, “Is it not time for the Government to approach the King to see whether a sensible amendment can be made to this Act?”

Previously, under the terms of the Regency Acts of 1937 and 1953, the four most senior royal adults in line of succession to the throne – plus the consort to the monarch – would be appointed to stand in for the monarch should the monarch be unavailable.

Currently, those five royal officials would be: Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew and Princess Beatrice.

But with Prince Harry having turned his back on his royal duties two years ago, and with Prince Andrew disgraced by a series of sexual assault allegations and removed from his royal duties, a new proposal would allow King Charles to name Princess Anne and Prince Edward in Harry and Andrew’s stead.

The proposed reform comes as King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla are set to make a trip overseas in the coming months, marking the first time in seven years the monarch has been out of country.