In a rare peak into the new life of former socialite and sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, we see the controversial ex-partner of Jeffery Epstein enjoying an early morning jog surrounded by barbwire.

Ghislaine Maxwell is making the most out of her prison sentence. The socialite-turned-sex trafficker was caught on an early morning jog — but she couldn’t go far.

The photos, taken outside of Tallahassee’s Federal Correctional Institute, showed Jeffrey Epstein‘s ex-lover surrounded by a massive barbed-wire fence as she continues to serve 20 years behind bars,RadarOnline.comcan report.

Instead of an orange jumpsuit, Ghislaine, 60, ran around the prison yard in gray sweats and a matching sweatshirt to fight off Florida’s crisp morning weather. Despite complaining about the facility’s living conditions, Epstein’s disgraced right-hand woman reportedly gets 40 minutes every day to get her exercise on — a luxury at the low-security prison.

“Ghislaine is incredibly fit. She runs almost every day, and when not jogging on the track, she will walk with one of her friends,” an insider spilled.

“For her age, she is incredibly active and does a 40 minutes session completing lap after lap without stopping before she needs to be back inside,” the source told The Sun. “She is happy to be allowed out in the open once again, where she has at least some semblance of freedom.”

In one photo, Ghislaine — who was found guilty of recruiting and grooming underage girls for Epstein and his rich friends to abuse — was photographed running by herself.

In another, she slowed down to a walking pace when her prison buddy joined her. The former madam seemed to be making the most of her two-decade sentence after being transferred from Danbury Federal Correctional Institution in Connecticut to the Tallahassee facility in July.

As reported, Ghislaine landed a cushy job in the prison’s legal library — a role that allegedly angered some of her fellow inmates.

It’s unclear how much her library gig pays, but the women who scrub toilets or wash dishes at the prison make anywhere from 15 to 27 cents per hour for the grueling task.

The convicted trafficker will have to work double time if she wants to buy her commissionary items. obtained a copy of the goods offered at Maxwell’s prison. As we reported, Ghislaine has access to brand-name cosmetics, beauty supplies, and underwear — but everything has a price.