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Obama has tense face-off with audience member

One heckler got more than he expected in a recent event.

Former President Barack Obama faced down a heckler during his continued tour across the country to revive the Democrats‘ fading midterm hopes. Obama, speaking at a rally for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Detroit on Saturday, was interrupted as he attempted to discuss America’s political climate.  As a man tried to yell at the 44th president, he was drowned out by the partisan crowd alternately booing him, cheering, and chanting Obama’s name.

The ex-commander-in-chief addressed the heckler: ‘Come on, this is what I mean, we are having a conversation. Right now, I’m talking, you’ll have a chance to talk sometime later.’

As the crowd roared, Obama said to the heckler: ‘We like each other, we don’t have to shout each other down — it’s not a good way to do business. You wouldn’t do that in the workplace. We wouldn’t just interrupt people having a conversation. It’s not how we do things.’

The heckler was eventually escorted out of the building by security as Obama continued his pitch.

Obama made his return to the campaign trail at a Friday night rally outside of Atlanta, where he ridiculed Republicans for staying loyal to former President Donald Trump and mocked their choice of a Georgia Senate candidate, Herschel Walker. 

‘Just about every Republican politician seems obsessed with two things – owning the libs – and getting Donald Trump’s approval,’ the former president said at the Gateway Center Arena in College Park, Georgia. ‘It’s not complicated. And, at least to me, it’s not very inspiring.’ 

Obama’s task was to bolster the campaigns of Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, who’s in a tight race against Walker, and gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams, who’s trailing incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. 

Put down your phone and give TikTok a rest and vote,’ he told the crowd.  

He took particular delight in going after Walker, a former Georgia football and NFL player, who has thus far survived a series of scandals, including allegations of paying for ex-girlfriends’ abortions. 

Obama pointed out that for Walker there is ‘very little evidence that he has taken any interest, bothered to learn anything about, or displayed any kind of inclination toward public service, or volunteer work or helping people in any way.’ 

‘Seems to me he’s a celebrity who wants to be a politician,’ Obama remarked. ‘And we’ve seen how that goes. We’ve seen that before,’ he said, laughing.

While clearly a reference to Trump, Obama was also labeled a ‘celebrity’ by his 2008 White House rival, the late Sen. John McCain. 

‘There are a lot of young people here,’ Obama said. ‘Some of you may not remember, but Herschel Walker was a heck of a football player.’ 

‘But here’s the question, does that make him the best person to represent you in the U.S. Senate? Does that make him equipped to weigh in on the critical decisions about our economy and our foreign policy and our future?’ 

Obama then asked the audience to do a ‘thought experiment’ with him. 

‘Let’s say you’re at the airport and you see Mr. Walker and you say, “Hey, there’s Herschel Walker, Heisman winner, let’s have him fly the plane!”‘ Obama said. ‘You probably wouldn’t say that. You’d probably want to know, “Does he know how to fly an airplane?”‘ 

With Biden’s approval ratings in the low 40s, Democrats hope Obama’s emergence in the closing weeks of the campaign boosts the party’s slate in a tough national environment. 

For Obama personally, the campaign blitz is an opportunity to do something he was unable to do in two midterms during his presidency: help Democrats succeed in national midterms when they already hold the White House. 

For his party, it´s an opportunity to leverage Obama´s rebound in popularity since his last midterm defeats in 2014. Their hope is that the former president can sell arguments that Biden, his former vice president, has struggled to land. 

5 thoughts on “Obama has tense face-off with audience member

  1. Liar Obummer did the OPPOSITE of everything he ever ran on!
    Hitlerite Socialist/Communist Jokementia Bribery did the OPPOSITE as well !!!
    Democrats all talking like ‘conservatives’ now to get re-elected…
    Democrats beloved junkies CRIME WAVE of 75 MURDERS DAILY and MILLIONS of OTHER DAILY CRIMES have been ignored by the Democrats… until Elite Democrat Paul Pelosi is a crime victim… now suddenly it’s all over the fake news… but just that ONE instance… and it’s not even a death…

  2. It’s always a one-sided speech with the democrats saying how bad the republicans but the truth is all they are saying is what they are doing but blaming the republicans for it !!

    1. My God you people are so pathetically engulfed into a political cult you will never see the parties for what they are and call out bullshit on either side. The both blame each other. You expect the Dems to praise the Repubs on a campaign trail? Show me whenever the Repubs praise the Dems on a campaign trail. The former president is being heavily investigated for crimes amongst other shit he has done during his one-term and you guys refuse to denounce his behavior. Both parties do not care about anything other than winning elections and staying in power. They both appeal to different types of people. Repubs appeal to the racist and the elites (sadly the dumb poor folks who they will only let cut their lawns follow them) and the Dems appeal to minorities. It’s the same bullshit campaign every election. Just vote for your party, get on with your life and shut the hell up with all the propaganda each party is guilty of. Because you can expect to keep putting the same two parties in power over and over and expect change. That’s the characteristics of insanity.

  3. Obama is the biggest blowhard in the political arena. He puts an impossible thought into the minds of the audience, which have probably been bought and paid for, and then he finishes by saying another stupid thing. The part about Herschel Walker knowing how to fly a plane??? I’m sure that there are ignorant people out there that make that suggestion when they see Herschel. Does Warnock know how to fly a plane? Obama didn’t ask that question, did he? Does Warnock know how to win a football game as a running back? Apparently, Herschel does. There’s something else that Warnock is sucky at. He is a racist and a thief who takes money from his parishioners and uses it to advance his own interests. Has anyone checked his income tax returns?

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