The popular podcaster has some hesitations about a certain Chinese company.

The Joe Rogan Experience offers listeners unfiltered and authentic takes of the guests on the show. Besides the host, Joe Rogan doesn’t shy away from expressing hot takes and opinions on issues that intrigue the podcaster. Therefore, the podcast offers the listeners ample content to keep them entertained. In a recent episode of his show, Joe Rogan issued a red alert to the listeners about a “dangerous” company.

In episode 1890 of JRE, Joe Rogan shared the mic duties with Bridget Phetasy. Besides handling the writer’s duties, Phetasy is also a stand-up comedian. In addition, she hosts a podcast, “Walk-Ins Welcome”.

The duo discussed the Twitter takeover by Elon Musk, climate change activists, seed oils’ impact on health, and the mid-term election. Further, they also exchanged opinions about the safety concerns attached to the Chinese app TikTok.

Joe Rogan and his apprehensions about TikTok

Phetasy started the conversation that she fell in love with Instagram, but it subsequently turned out to be boring. This prompted the UFC commentator to quiz the guest about whether Phetasy used TikTok. However, the American writer replied negatively and further mentioned that it was Chinese spyware.

While the former Fear Factor agreed, he also declared, “It should be banned.” Further, he clarified his stance by stating that the veteran podcaster talked to security experts and labeled the app as “f*****g dangerous.”

Following this, Rogan declared that TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, used the app to target the location of specific American citizens. Also, the list probably included Chinese dissidents or people that had left.

The 55-year-old commentator reiterated the fact the conversations with security experts enlightened him on how the whole system worked. Rogan added that they had a sophisticated system that infiltrated the universities. Further, the veteran commentator pointed out that it was because of America’s open society that they get educated. In addition, they found out about all the ongoing research, and they sent the same back.

Lastly, Rogan concluded, “It’s f*****g wild. We fuel their progress through innovation that takes place in America.”

Not only did Phetasy agree with the standup comic, but she also mentioned that TikTok was breaking the brains of the youth.

Phetasy continued and worryingly added, “And not to mention that you have kids who now want to become Tick-Tock stars. instead of like, going into STEM.”

According to Wall Street Journal, ByteDance has a valuation of $300 billion. While the company has put plans on hold to go public, it offered to buy back shares from the investors last month.

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