According to, Michael Ciminella, the first husband of late country superstar Naomi Judd, alleged that she tricked him into marriage by claiming to be pregnant and that he was the father.

Ciminella also confirmed that Wynonna Judd, Naomi’s daughter born shortly after their 1964 wedding, was not his child.

Ciminella said she was actually fathered by another of Naomi’s high school classmates, Charles Jordan. Naomi’s ex admitted to having sex with her as a teen, but he claimed he wasn’t aware that she allegedly had also slept with Jordan.

For decades, the paternity scandal was swept under the rug, but it showed early on the complicated bond Naomi had with Wynonna — and why she may have left that nasty suicide note taking aim at her oldest daughter.

“She came to me and told me she was pregnant,” he stated in a 1995 interview. “I didn’t assume for a moment that an 18-year-old girl whom I had known for quite some time would tell lies about something like that.

Ciminella alleged that Naomi, who was a senior in high school, misled him “because she thought my family had more money” than Jordan’s.”

Ciminella said he realized Wynonna was not his child when she was 3, shortly before the couple’s daughter, Ashley Judd, was born.

“I just looked at her real carefully, and I knew,” he revealed to his hometown paper, the Ashland Independent. He said Naomi later admitted to him that Jordan was the father, but no one ever told Wynonna.

The web of lies began to unravel when Terry Steele, Naomi’s former lover, revealed that the singer had told him Wynonna was not Ciminella’s child. She later told her daughter who her real father was.

Jordan later told his part of the story.