The Predatory History of GMA Host T.J. Holmes Comes to Light

T.J. Holmes is reportedly distressed by the impact of his alleged extramarital affairs on his image. According to sources who spoke with Page Six, the constant coverage of these reported affairs by ABC has caused him immense emotional stress.

One source stated, “He’s distraught…completely distraught. He has a daughter and is upset about the negative portrayal of him as a predator.”

Despite this, Holmes has been maintaining a composed demeanor, according to an insider who said, “You’d never suspect anything was going on.” However, sources claim that the situation is taking a toll on him emotionally.

On Tuesday, the Cut published a piece on “the rampant culture of sex” at ABC News, which included an account of another of Holmes’ alleged conquests among the ranks of network subordinates.

A woman, to whom the magazine assigned the pseudonym “Sasha,” confirmed a Page Six story that previously reported she and Holmes would have sex in his office when she was a low-level associate producer working the overnight shift.

She told the Cut that she “didn’t even think about power dynamics” at the time because of the alleged lewd culture at the network.

“Sasha” is one of numerous women who we’ve learned was allegedly hooking up with Holmes on the job. Robach was also best pals with a woman with whom he allegedly had a three-year affair.

Page Six has reported that Robach got a larger severance package than Holmes after their affair blew up their jobs, in part because she’d been at the network longer.

Insiders fear Holmes’ alleged indiscretions may make it difficult for him to find another TV job as prestigious as his gig at “GMA3.”

“He’s taking his time after what just happened and trying to see what’s up next. He’s going to start looking for new jobs and will hopefully be OK,” another source said.

Reps did not comment.

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