Samantha, the half-sister of Meghan Markle, expressed her determination to vigorously pursue her libel lawsuit against the Duchess of Sussex.

According to, Samantha’s legal team alleged during a virtual court hearing on February 15 that Meghan defamed her in an effort to perpetuate her “rags-to-riches” storyline, which they claim is a mere facade.

During a court appearance, Samantha accused Meghan of being dishonest about her childhood while speaking with Oprah in 2021, which caused her to experience “worldwide humiliation, shame, and hatred.” Her lawyer, Peter Ticktin, alleged that Meghan’s 2020 biography Finding Freedom, written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, was used to reinforce this “false narrative” about her upbringing.

Ticktin claimed that Meghan was caught in a lie about receiving scholarships for her education, which was actually paid for by her father. He stated that Meghan’s dishonesty was exposed, and according to Daily Mail, he said, “She got caught.”

“Why else is she putting her sister down? Why else is she putting her father down?” he questioned, stating Meghan wasn’t aware of the fallout her half-sibling faced. “Probably never realizing this would put an innocent person into the fray where all of a sudden she has hundreds of threats on her life coming at her, a stalker she had to deal with.”

Meghan’s lawyer, Michael Kump, on the other hand, said Ticktin’s remarks were out of line and “offensive” to his client, claiming that Samantha had blown it out of proportion.

“Plaintiff is taking issue with Meghan’s own impressions of her own childhood growing up but that’s not a proper subject matter for a court of law,” Kump stated.

Judge Honeywell said she would issue a written judgment at a later time following news that Meghan tried to stop depositions being taken, but was shut down.

As exclusively reported, Samantha has demanded the royal turn over information related to her first wedding to actor Trevor Engelson, which took place years before Meghan married Prince Harry.

“On Page 317, the book falsely states that Mrs. Markle was not invited to the Duchess’ first wedding. This was another false statement designed to bolster the false position that the two sisters had no real relationship,” her filing stated.

Samantha has asked that Meghan “list the full name of each and every relative invited to attend your first wedding.”

In another surprising turn of events, Samantha asked Meghan to answer questions about the Duchess’ relationship with her own daughter, Ashleigh.

“This baseless and absurd lawsuit is just a continuation of a pattern of disturbing behavior. We will give it the minimum attention necessary, which is all it deserves,” Meghan’s lawyer fired back in response to the filing.