CNN was informed by an anonymous close friend of Latavia “Tay” Washington McGee, aged 33, who traveled to Mexico with Shaeed Woodard, Zindell Brown, and Eric Williams, that the group got lost while attempting to locate a medical clinic.

The friend stated that on Friday, they contacted the doctor’s office for assistance but had difficulty communicating due to weak cellphone signal. On Saturday, the friend reached out to the doctor’s office to inquire about Washington McGee’s whereabouts.

The doctor’s office informed her that Washington McGee had previously contacted them, seeking directions as she was lost.

The friend was also told that Washington McGee had messaged the doctor’s office from her friend’s phone, but the message went unnoticed for several hours.

The doctor’s office provided the friend with a screenshot of the messages and sent Washington McGee the address while inquiring if she was using GPS.

An individual familiar with the inquiry disclosed to CNN that the FBI has taken custody of the two American hostages who survived the abduction incident in Mexico. The pair has been transported back to the United States and is currently receiving medical care and attention at a hospital located in Texas, according to the source.

The Mexican authorities will investigate the corpses of the two individuals who were murdered before delivering the remains to the US government, stated another source.