Demi Moore Banned From First Husband’s Memorial Service?

Actress Demi Moore was persona non grata at the memorial services for her late first husband Freddy Moore, and only can exclusively reveal the shocking details.

As we first reported, the beloved 72-year-old rocker passed away on August 25, 2022, after a brave decade-long battle with Alzheimer’s.

We’re told prior to his passing, the G.I. Jane star tried to communicate with Freddy and his wife Renee before publishing her tell-all book skewering her ailing ex-husband.

“Before her book came out, she sent me an email asking me if there was anything she could do to help and you know, she there, she was trying to be very caring and everything,” said Renee Moore who calls her longtime husband “Rick.”

“And then I realized when the book came out it was because she was going to say some things that were not so flattering about Rick in the book and I think that was the whole purpose of her reaching out,” she said revealing for the first time how she felt about the 272-page bio.

“I didn’t like it – and that was that!” said Renee who admits Demi was not invited to the memorial service at LA’s Factor’s Famous Deli where her husband frequently noshed on pastrami on rye

“I told her in the email I didn’t need anything from her,” she said.

In her 2019 autobiography Inside Out, the 60-year-old actress thought it was important to reveal she engaged in a steamy romp with Paul Carafotes, her co-star in her first film Choices, the night before her 1980 wedding with Freddy.

In 2019, Carafotes told the then 18-year-old Demi bolted from her bachelorette party hell-bent on shacking up with him.

“I told her I was tired and going to bed, but she was persistent,” he recalled. “I told her if she wanted to come over, I’d leave my kitchen window open, but she’d have to climb the fire escape. Next thing I know, I’m being woken up — Demi is standing over me with a bottle of Dom Pérignon saying, ‘Let’s party!’ She was wild. We were all that time.”

Renee, who married Freddy in 2005, told the Indecent Proposal star should’ve shown more tact.

“Rick was an amazing person, an honorable person, a really good person – he was very much in love with her and she just, you know, cheated a lot so it wasn’t the best,” Renee said.

Freddy, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at age 60, split with Demi after five years. But Renee recalls the Ghost star wasn’t exactly a dedicated wife.

“The funny thing is she even says in her book that I was always there, at their place, she complains about me in her book about I was always there,” she added. “They were never by themselves because I was always there – like it was annoying. But she was busy doing all her crazy stuff too. We were just hanging out as friends, so.”

When asked if Demi reach out to express her condolences, Renee simply said, “No.”

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