The relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, the wives of Princes William and Harry respectively, was reportedly fraught with tension.

According to a source close to the situation, Kate made a genuine effort to help Meghan adjust to royal life, but the former actress appeared disinterested in following protocol.

The insider claimed that Meghan’s attitude of not wanting to change her ways infuriated Kate, who saw it as a failure to adapt to the demands of being a royal.

This ultimately led to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping down from their roles within the royal family and moving to the US, leaving the Cambridges to pick up the pieces.

The move reportedly broke the heart of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and Kate was left feeling betrayed by Meghan’s apparent lack of willingness to integrate into the family.

Despite this, the Duchess of Cambridge continued to try and assist Meghan in fitting in, offering guidance on proper etiquette and highlighting any missteps.

However, the source claimed that Meghan was unreceptive to Kate’s advice, leaving the latter feeling unheard and frustrated.

Moreover, tensions escalated when Harry released his memoir, which contained critical statements about the royal family and personal anecdotes about both Kate and Meghan.

This reportedly left Kate feeling taken aback by Meghan’s casual attitude and made her believe that Meghan was not genuinely interested in learning about the customs and traditions of the royal family.

While Kate has not publicly addressed these claims, the source stated that she objects to claims made by the Sussexes, including the suggestion that the royal family is racist.

The source added that if Meghan were to attend the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, she would be forced to take a seat in the back, and if she could not be front and center, she would not attend at all.

In conclusion, the relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle was reportedly challenging, with the former making a genuine effort to help the latter integrate into royal life.

However, Meghan’s apparent lack of interest in following protocol left Kate feeling frustrated and unheard, ultimately leading to tensions between the two.