Seal Team 6 Member Trashes Navy Over Drag Angle

Decorated Navy SEAL veteran and former US Navy SEAL Team Six member Robert J. O’Neill has sparked controversy after speaking out against the Navy’s new drag-queen recruitment campaign.

The campaign has seen the Navy hire an active-duty drag queen, Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who goes by the stage name Harpy Daniels, to help recruit “the most talented and diverse workforce” for the military branch. O’Neill expressed his disapproval of this move on Twitter, saying, “I can’t believe I fought for this bulls-t.”

Kelley is one of five new “Digital Ambassadors” in a program that the Navy piloted from October 2022 to March 2023.

The program was “designed to explore the digital environment to reach a wide range of potential candidates” as the Navy battles “the most challenging recruiting environment it has faced since the start of the all-volunteer force,” according to a Navy spokesperson who spoke to Fox News.

Kelley, who identifies as non-binary, has shared their journey of being a non-binary drag queen with the Navy through their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

In a November post, Kelley thanked the Navy for giving them the opportunity to be a digital ambassador and shared their excitement for the role. “Hooyah, and let’s go Slay!” Kelley said.

O’Neill, who was self-credited with delivering the fatal blow to Osama bin Laden during the May 2, 2011 raid in Abbottabad, Pakistan, has published two books since leaving the military in 2014. His comments about the Navy’s drag-queen recruitment campaign sparked a mixture of reactions, with some supporting him and others calling him a hypocrite.

While some former military officers and veterans agreed with O’Neill’s stance, others pushed back, saying that the Navy’s decision is a positive step towards diversity and inclusivity. One

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  1. My father and his brothers were all WWII combat vets. If they saw this semi man in a Navy uniform they would assume it was some kind of sick joke. Admiral Nimitz would probably quit the Navy.

  2. When you you have these types of people running each branch of the military, you can count on our country ,losing any type of war! This was apparently Obama’s goal of destroying the military and with his apparent pupet in charge it will soon happen completely!

  3. Before you knee jerk react to this, let us have a few facts about homos in the military
    Alexander the Great was a homosexual. And that guy led from the front.
    The most renown Greek Hoplite unit were the the Sacred Band of Thebes which defeated the Spartans and others. Those were lovers fighting side-by-side.
    In my own personal experience, a guy been gay does not means he can not fight.
    Not all Drag Queens or crossdressers are gay.

    When the economy is strong and jobs are plenty, few people see the military as a career option, so I am sure the Navy, Army and everyone else are desperate for recruits and in reality we probably need more geeks to fly drones than alpha males to jump from helicopters. Maybe we should rethink about all this manpower that walked hundreds of miles to escape crime or communism to become Americans, would probably make very good soldiers.
    If they are fit, loyal and can do the job, let them join. I rather have them by my side than this racist weirdo Texeira which was releasing USA classified information to impress others.

  4. Yes, it is a mess. How did we ever get into such a mess? Let’s start with our nations leaders, media and the people who want to see freedom defeated. Along with all members of the army forces, all government officials have to pledge to uphold the constitution. When this has been ignored the foundation to our freedoms have crumbled. This has opened the door to redefing our society’s values. The schools have been creating an army of malcontents with the help of the endless crap put out on the media. It has now found its way to undermine the nations military structure, and the guardians of our freedoms. What is required now is giant Z Gram. That is no longer MY NAVY. (23yrs. down the shitter)

  5. Back in the Day when I was still Active Duty Marines, If we came across a Fruitty Boy, he would get a 3 AM Soap Bars in a Sock Party , Wouldn’t see him No More after That ! Take that Depravity Shit somewhere else !
    GENDER DYSPHORIA is a DSM 5 Mental Illness , who in their right Mind would want one of these Pukes having access to Nuclear Weapons ?

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