Finland PM Announces Divorce After Leaking of ‘Raunchy’ Videos

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin on Wednesday announced that she and her husband of 19 years are seeking a divorce just weeks after she lost her re-election bid following a slurry of controversial partying videos.   

“We have filed for divorce together. We are grateful for 19 years together and our beloved daughter,” the 37-year-old prime minister wrote in an Instagram story, reported multiple outlets. “We will continue to spend time together as a family and with each other.”

Marin requested privacy during this time and said neither she nor her soon-to-be ex will be commenting further on this private matter. 

Sanna Marin photo with husband
Finland’s outgoing Prime Minister Sanna Marin and her husband Markus Raikkonen appear in a picture with a message that reads, “We have jointly filed for divorce. (Instagram/Handout via Reuters)

The world’s youngest prime minister to take office at the age of 34 in 2019 has had a tumultuous few months. 

Last month, she lost her bid for re-election in a razor-thin race against her conservative and far-right rivals, which prompted some to question whether her controversial partying videos were behind her and her party’s defeat. 

In August, a video surfaced showing the young prime minister dancing in a nightclub with a Finnish pop star known as Olavi Uusivirta. 

Footage showed the two dancing closely and questions regarding extramarital relations surfaced. 

Both the singer and Marin maintained that “nothing inappropriate” occurred, though the Finnish prime minister did voice her frustration of the footage’s release. 

“I don’t remember anyone kissing my neck. It seems to me that I was being talked to,” she said when asked about a moment in the video when Uusivirta appeared to lean into the prime minister.  

“It is true that I am married. These are private matters, and I will not comment on them,” she added, according to an Independent report. “But I don’t think anything inappropriate happens in that video.”

But the incident brought on a slurry of negative backlash from her critics, who also questioned whether the prime minister was using drugs.

Marin maintained that no drugs were involved despite the phrase “flour gang” reportedly used by someone in the background of the video, which may have been in reference to cocaine, according to some reporting.

The Finnish prime minister condemned calls for her to take a drug test as inappropriate, but she ultimately decided to take a test to prove she had not taken illegal drugs. 

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  1. I bet you we would never catch neither Biden or Trump having fun with such an abandon. Now Trump is not a rookie when it comes to infidelity. Call me when their PM go around cavorting with porn stars and playboy bunnies and never loses a vote with the faux religious crowd.

    I never thought the Finns to be so prude, but I am sure even there they have their own version of prude conservative hypocrite politicians willing to use any excuse to gain power. I wonder what do they call their own version of the GOP in Finland?

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