Did Harry and Meghan Lie About “Car Chase”?

Backgrid USA, the photo agency involved in the recent car chase involving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Manhattan, has responded to allegations that their photographers engaged in aggressive pursuit. The incident, described as a “near catastrophic car chase” by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s representative, has sparked a dispute over the events that transpired that night. Backgrid USA has now addressed the claims, asserting their commitment to transparency, ethics, and responsible journalism.

Disputing the Allegations:

Following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s departure from the Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown, they were accompanied by Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland. The paparazzi reportedly trailed their vehicle but were unable to capture any photographs of the couple. In response to claims made by the Sussexes’ representative, Backgrid USA released a statement refuting the allegations of aggressive behavior.

A Responsible Approach:

Backgrid USA clarified that their photographers, armed only with their cameras, had no intention of causing distress or harm to the couple. They stressed their commitment to transparency, ethics, and providing fair and factual responses to claims. The agency acknowledged being aware of Prince Harry’s statement but maintained that their freelance photographers were professionally covering newsworthy events and public figures, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Photographers’ Accounts:

According to the freelance photographers hired to cover the event, one of the SUVs in Prince Harry’s security escort was perceived to be driving in a manner that could be interpreted as reckless. The vehicle was observed blocking streets, and in one video, it was seen being pulled over by the police. Backgrid USA, relying on the accounts of the photographers present, denied allegations of near-collisions or near-crashes, stating that the photographers did not believe the couple was in immediate danger at any point during the incident.

Investigation and Commitment to Ethics:

In their statement, Backgrid USA affirmed that they do not endorse harassment or illegal activity in any form. They assured the public that they are taking Prince Harry’s allegations seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. The agency reiterated its commitment to transparency, ethics, and responsible journalism.

Law Enforcement’s Perspective:

Law enforcement sources offered a contrasting account of the incident, describing it as a less dramatic ordeal that lasted approximately one hour. The family reportedly switched to a yellow cab in an attempt to elude the paparazzi. Throughout the chase, a private security car and an NYPD vehicle accompanied their vehicle, while a significant press presence followed. No emergency calls or collision reports were made in connection with the case, according to the NYPD.

Source: New York Post

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    1. Yes, just ignore these people who are famous for being famous… they don’t make the world a better place… they’re like Democrats…

  1. They are like dems Who cant trust anything they say They sure dont have any class for ones that are supposed to .Really care nothing for ether not that it matter to them if i dont And that’s a good thing for them

  2. No one really cared about the “Award” she got, and the dress was a disaster…According to the N.Y.P.D, there wasn’t a “chase” at all…They tried to pump everything up since the night became a total bore fest. Even Gloria Steinem didn’t look impressed with the Duchess of Lies and Half-Truths and her dimwitted husband either.

  3. Even now they can’t tell the truth. Shame on Harry and Megan. After what happened to Princess Diana. These two have no shame. It has too be about them 24/7

  4. Slim like those to have no real morals. to work with Every thing is about them and WHO can trust anything they say Very low character. I care not what they say are do BUT do wish they would turn there soul over to God and not self

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