Decades after the infamous Zodiac Killer terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s, a cold case investigator, Thomas Colbert, claims that the FBI has identified a man suspected to be the elusive murderer. According to Colbert, an FBI whistleblower confirmed that Air Force veteran Gary Francis Poste, who passed away in 2018, is listed as a suspect with a partial DNA sample linking him to the Zodiac killings. This revelation has sparked controversy and renewed interest in one of America’s most notorious unsolved murder cases.

The Case Breakers’ Allegations:

Colbert’s organization, Case Breakers, alleges that the FBI has had Poste listed as a Zodiac suspect since 2016. They claim to possess evidence linking Poste to all the murders attributed to the Zodiac Killer, including a victim from 1966 that the FBI has previously denied was connected to the case. Case Breakers accuses both federal and local law enforcement of mishandling the investigation and disregarding evidence.

Gary Francis Poste as a Suspect:

Poste, an Air Force veteran and former house painter, came under suspicion after Case Breakers identified him as their primary suspect in the Zodiac killings in 2021. The group discovered that Poste had donated weapons and bullets to locals before his death. These items, which remained untouched and hidden away, have become potential evidence that could lead to the confirmation of Poste’s involvement as the Zodiac Killer.

Controversy and Law Enforcement Response:

The FBI has maintained that the Zodiac Killer case remains open and unsolved, despite Case Breakers’ claims. In response to the recent allegations, the FBI’s San Francisco Office stated that the case remains open out of respect for the victims and their families. Case Breakers has demanded a review of both local and federal law enforcement’s handling of the case, citing their concern for the victims’ families and accusing authorities of a cover-up.

Evidence and Witnesses:

Case Breakers has relied on various pieces of evidence and witness testimonies to support their claim that Poste is the Zodiac Killer. They have compared a distinctive scar seen on the Zodiac Killer to photographs of Poste and requested the FBI to test their findings for DNA. Witnesses, including a neighbor who was babysat by Poste and a member of his alleged criminal group, have come forward to provide accounts that point to Poste’s involvement.

Continuing Controversy and Unanswered Questions:

While Case Breakers and Thomas Colbert believe they have compelling evidence linking Gary Francis Poste to the Zodiac killings, the controversy surrounding the case persists. The Riverside Police Department, working with FBI genealogists, has denied any connection between the Zodiac Killer and the murder of Cheri Jo Bates in 1966, which some believe to be the Zodiac’s first known killing. The open-ended nature of the case and the lack of consensus among law enforcement and independent investigators leave many unanswered questions.

Source: The Daily Mail