Air Force captain says ‘UFO attack left guards screaming’

A former US Air Force captain has recently come forward to share his account of a perplexing incident involving a reported “UFO attack.” Robert Salas, who headed a base in Montana in 1967, revealed details of the event that unfolded when strange lights were spotted by a guard. The incident, which resulted in the malfunction of nuclear missiles, has sparked renewed interest in the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects and raised questions about the government’s handling of such encounters.

The UFO Encounter:
During an episode of National Geographic’s UFOs: Investigating the Unknown, Robert Salas recounted the events of that fateful day. A guard approached him, expressing concern about unusual lights moving towards their location. At first, Salas dismissed the claim, making a light-hearted comment about UFOs. However, the guard insisted that the lights were not ordinary aircraft.

Shortly after the encounter, the guard contacted Salas again, this time in a state of panic. He reported that the guards, armed and positioned to confront any potential threat, were left terrified by the alleged UFO attack. Salas immediately took action, ordering strict security measures to prevent any unauthorized entry into the facility, fearing an assault on the US Air Force base.

The Missile Malfunction and Investigation:
To the astonishment of Salas and his team, a malfunction occurred in ten nuclear missiles stored in an underground bunker at the base. The cause of the malfunction remains unexplained to this day. Following the incident, the US Air Force launched an investigation into the matter. However, after three years, the investigation was abruptly halted, and officials declared that no sighting had posed a threat to national security.

Disputing the Official Account:
Robert Salas vehemently disagrees with the conclusions of the US Air Force’s investigation. He asserts that the report, stating no threat to security, was a lie. Salas insists that the guard who witnessed the UFO attack was left screaming and traumatized by the event. Despite the government’s denial, Salas stands by his belief that the mysterious “reddish-orange” object that approached their location was responsible for the missile malfunction.

Continuing UFO Mysteries:
National Geographic acknowledged that there is no evidence to suggest that the observed objects pose a threat to US national security. However, it noted the alarming pattern of UFO sightings and the perplexing instances of US nuclear missile malfunctions. The unexplained nature of these incidents continues to baffle officials and has sparked ongoing discussions about the potential implications of encounters with unidentified aerial phenomena.

Adding to the Body of Testimony:
Former US Navy pilot Lt Ryan Graves recently contributed to the growing testimonies regarding UFO sightings. Graves revealed that he encountered such objects regularly during his active duty, describing flashing lights and enigmatic crafts that defied conventional explanation. His account further supports the notion that unexplained aerial phenomena are not isolated incidents but rather recurring encounters that deserve serious attention.

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