The recent claim made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle about being involved in a terrifying car chase with paparazzi has sparked a debate among public figures and media outlets. Whoopi Goldberg, the accomplished EGOT winner, recently shared her opinion on the matter during an episode of “The View.” In her remarks, Goldberg expressed skepticism about the severity of the incident, questioning whether such a situation could truly be classified as a “near-catastrophic car chase.” Let’s delve into Goldberg’s perspective and the ensuing discussion among the panelists.

Goldberg’s Take on the Paparazzi Encounter:
During the episode of “The View,” Goldberg made her stance clear, suggesting that the term “car chase” might be an exaggeration in this particular case. She cited New York as the location of the incident and pointed out that car chases are not a common occurrence in the city. Goldberg further remarked that if car chases were indeed possible in New York, everyone would be late to their destinations. While acknowledging the couple’s ordeal with aggressive paparazzi, Goldberg raised doubts about the severity of the situation, implying that the reference to a high-speed chase was more fitting for Los Angeles, known for such incidents.

Joy Behar’s Agreement:
Joy Behar, another panelist on “The View,” expressed her agreement with Goldberg’s perspective. Behar shared her personal experience in the city, where the sound of an ambulance often implies a dire situation. She echoed Goldberg’s sentiment that the intense car chases often associated with paparazzi incidents were not typical in New York.

Sunny Hostin’s Counterargument:
On the other hand, Sunny Hostin offered a counterargument, noting the tragic history surrounding Princess Diana’s death. Hostin highlighted the emotional impact such incidents could have on Harry, who lost his mother in a car accident involving paparazzi. Considering this context, Hostin emphasized the couple’s potential fear and discomfort in situations where they feel pursued by aggressive photographers. Hostin’s point underscored the psychological aspect of the encounter, suggesting that it could trigger distress regardless of the speed involved.

NYPD’s Response:
Following the claim made by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the New York Police Department (NYPD) responded by stating that while the couple faced numerous photographers, their transport was not hindered, and there were no reported collisions, injuries, or arrests. The NYPD’s statement seemed to cast doubt on the severity of the incident, contradicting the couple’s description of a harrowing two-hour ordeal.

The Cost of Security:
It’s worth mentioning that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who now reside in California after stepping down from their royal duties, reportedly spend a substantial amount on security for themselves and their children. With Buckingham Palace revoking their security detail, the couple has taken measures to ensure their safety, estimated to cost at least $2 million.