Disturbing new details have emerged in the case of Bryan Kohberger, the man suspected of murdering four University of Idaho students. In a recent report by “Dateline NBC,” it was revealed that Kohberger allegedly broke into the home of a female colleague as part of a ruse to install security cameras. These revelations shed light on the premeditation and manipulation that authorities believe Kohberger employed leading up to the November slayings of Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Madison Mogen, and Kaylee Goncalves.

The Intricate Plan:
According to the “Dateline” report, Kohberger had befriended a woman at Washington State University, where he attended and worked. Months before the murders, he broke into her property, rearranging items but not stealing anything. Subsequently, he allegedly convinced the woman to ask for his help in installing security cameras. Kohberger offered to carry out the installation and, crucially, knew her Wi-Fi password, which would have enabled him to remotely access the camera footage.

Cellphone Tower Data and DNA Evidence:
Authorities have gathered substantial evidence linking Kohberger to the crime scene. Cellphone tower data places him near the house where the students were killed multiple times in the days and weeks leading up to the incident. Additionally, prosecutors allege that Kohberger made efforts to conceal his movements during the time of the killings by creating a period of inactivity on his cellphone. Furthermore, his DNA was reportedly found on a knife sheath left at the crime scene.

Amazon Purchase and Surveillance:
Further unsettling details have emerged, including Kohberger’s purchase of a KA-BAR knife and sheath from Amazon in April 2022, prior to his move to Pullman, Washington. Law enforcement authorities have also revealed that Kohberger was under surveillance while he was in Pennsylvania, and his cellphone was tracked during this period. It was during this surveillance that police noticed he lived near the location of the killings and drove a white Hyundai Elantra, the same vehicle that authorities were searching for.

Arrest and Seized Evidence:
Approximately six weeks after the tragic incident, Bryan Kohberger was apprehended at his parents’ home in Pennsylvania. During the arrest, law enforcement seized various items, including clothing, medical gloves, and a cheek swab for DNA collection. Notably, one of Kohberger’s sisters found it suspicious that he was wearing latex gloves inside the house and pointed out his proximity to the crime scene and possession of a matching vehicle.

Legal Proceedings:
As the investigation progressed, a grand jury indicted Bryan Kohberger on four counts of murder and one count of burglary in connection with the University of Idaho student killings. He is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday. Prosecutors are expected to present the substantial evidence they have collected to support their allegations of Kohberger’s involvement in the stabbing deaths of the four victims.