Man Killed While Helping Ducks Cross Road

In a heartbreaking incident that unfolded on Thursday night, a California father lost his life while selflessly assisting a family of ducks to cross a busy road. Witnesses at the scene, located at Stanford Ranch Road and Park Drive in Rocklin, about 22 miles from Sacramento, described the horrifying crash that occurred just after 8 p.m.

According to accounts from eyewitnesses, the man, whose identity remains unknown, had stepped out of his car to aid the ducks in avoiding traffic. William Wimsatt, a 12-year-old boy who was present at the scene, captured the compassionate stranger’s actions on his cellphone. William shared that the man was shooing the ducks, receiving applause from onlookers for his kindheartedness.

As the ducks and the man made their way across the road in front of William’s mother’s car, they reached the other side safely. Commending the good Samaritan, both William’s mother and the young boy expressed their appreciation. However, tragedy struck in an instant when the man was unexpectedly struck by a car.

William vividly recalls the horrifying moment, explaining that he didn’t witness the car’s impact but heard the sound and saw the man being propelled across the intersection. He expressed his shock, stating that he found the man’s shoes and a sock right in front of his mother’s car. Another witness, Summer Peterson, shared that her child also observed the tragedy unfold, emphasizing the abruptness of the accident.

Following the collision, William’s mother promptly left her vehicle to comfort the man’s children, who were inside their own car and witnessed the devastating event. The entire incident left those who had witnessed the man’s selflessness in shock and disbelief.

In remembrance of the man’s noble act, a makeshift memorial was set up at the corner where the accident occurred. The memorial, adorned with rubber duckies and flowers, serves as a poignant symbol of the tragic loss that took place at that very spot.

William, still grappling with the loss of the man, hopes that people will remember him for his incredible kindness and unwavering compassion. Reflecting on the incident, he shared that the man was the sole individual who took the initiative to assist the ducks and was likely the kindest person in the vicinity. William’s words echo the sentiment of the community, which is mourning the loss of a compassionate individual who acted without hesitation to protect innocent creatures.

Law enforcement authorities are currently investigating the cause of the accident. The driver involved in the collision is a 17-year-old girl who is cooperating with the investigation. As of now, no charges have been filed, and there is no suspicion of driving under the influence, according to reports.

The tragic accident serves as a somber reminder of the fragility of life and the unforeseen consequences that can arise even in acts of kindness. The memory of the selfless father will endure in the hearts of those who witnessed his final act of compassion, and his untimely passing will forever serve as a reminder of the importance of empathy and lending a helping hand to those in need.

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  1. So that means the cocksucker in the car that hit him was not paying attention to driving. They were tuning the radio, or as it’s CA, they may have been jerking off while driving. Now let’s see if this site will post my comment.

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